How can I be happy with myself

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To be happy with yourself you need to look at all the good things and forget about all the bad and all the stuff you can’t change. [ Source: ]
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How to be happy with myself?
As an 18 year old male I can say I’m somewhat in the same predicament in the fact that I can’t find someone compatible to spend most of my time with. It sucks being lonely, an empty feeling of pain and hurt in your stomach, believe me I kno…
Would it be wrong to wish myself a Happy Birthday?
And here is another wish from Me! Happy Birthday Heather, keep it together!
What should i do to keep myself happy…?
When I was pregnant with my 2nd, I wanted a girl sooooo badly, because I already had a boy. I literally cried when I found out it was another boy. I was so upset. But, when he finally got here and I saw him, all of that melted away. I fell …

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How to make myself happy, i really want to recover from depression.?
Q: I have been suffering depression since two years. Sometimes i felt very miserable thinking of the unhappy pasts. I dont know how to forget it and make myself happy,.I have been consulting doc already and he gave me medications, but i really feel sad, that sometimes i feel like the pills make me numbness.
A: I study anti-depressant medications at a large mid-western university. Long-term or recurrent episodes of depression (by DSM-IV) often indicate an imbalance of a chemical in the brain called dopamine. To treat depression, therapies aim to boost dopamine, which should effectively raise mood.It seems as though SOME doctors are simply prescribing medication without any regard for the supplemental behavioral interventions necessary for success. Depression can not easily be cured without good sleep– you need 7-8 hours EXACTLY– (some medications interfere- i know buproprion usually doesn’t), good exercise (very essential for mental health), and a reasonable diet. Individual differences in medication responses create a situation where the doctor should be getting lots of feedback (perhaps over the phone or through a nurse) about how it is going. The dose might need to be tweaked to ascertain the best dose/response effect- more is not always better. Often physicians will switch to another medicine if another is not optimally effective.Sunlight or light exposure to the eyes is known to modestly boost affect in the low-light winter months. Finally, I would recommend either a book or some reliable internet research on how to think positively. This is a skill that only comes with practice.Best,_Matt
How can I remain happy in once again another pregnancy by myself?
Q: Hello everyone,This is my second child to be I have one 7 year old daughter. I know I should have picked better but I didn’t and I would like to know how to keep myself happy, it’s been 7 years and I have forgotten how to keep peace within myself and for my daughter she is the best thing in my life right now and I don’t want her to be sad. Help if you can if not then thank you for taking the time.
A: hi! well you’re not alone, you have your beautiful 7 year old to share this experience with! i know its not normal family dynamics but it will work if you try. just imagine her face when she gets to see her little brother or sister for the first time in an u/s! i think the only problem could be after the baby is born and your daughter realizes first hand that a baby takes alot of mommy’s attention. when this happens, have a friend, your mom, or relative watch the baby for a few hours so you can spend time with just your daughter. good luck! you will do fine!
How can I make myself happy until the Prozac starts working?
Q: I’m 14, and depressed. I just started Prozac today (10mg once a day for the first week, then I’m supposed to take 20mg). My doctor told me that it’s going to take a few weeks before it starts working, what can I do to keep myself happy until then?PS, Don’t suggest exercise. I have no motivation to exercise, the only thing that makes me feel a little better is food and tv.
A: oh wow, first of all, I cannot tell you how much I hate how much people tell me to exercise to feel happy, so I’m there with you. :)Honestly, if you are able to, just be good to yourself. Pamper yourself. If you like to read, grab a good book at a used book store (they are cheap!). Take a bubble bath. Hog the tv for awhile and claim a few “mental health hours”. If it’s nice out, grab a blanket and sit outside (sunlight on its own can help relieve depression.)
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