How can I boost my confidence? I am very shy

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Dress nice, think positive, get to know yourself, be kind& generous, be prepared, speak slowly, stand straight, study & set goals [ Source: ]
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How do i boost my very shy boyfriends confidence?
You gotta beware of the quiet ones – sometimes they have a tiger in their tank! Why not suggest a course or class in public speaking to help build confidence & self esteem. Or – a course in self assertiveness. Join him, if necessary, to…

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how do i boost confidence and self esteem because i am shy and not very good about myself?
Q: i don’t really feel good about my self and i don’t really get on with girls or anything like that. i am kinda friends with the “cool” kids in school and i don’t think i am good looking.i am a bit (well i don’t go out and play video games all day) nerdy i want to change so people like me and i think i am ugly.
A: Don’t worry, we all went through the same thing. You seem smarter – you’ve nearly figured out the reason why you don’t get on with girls => you don’t like yourself. It’s actually simple – if you don’t love yourself, you will always wonder how somebody else can love you. So your efforts will be half hearted since you believe meeting someone is of no use because ultimately they’ll find out that “you’re no good” or “a fake” and will leave you. So the first step is to start loving yourself. And that means, start focusing on your strengths than your weakness. Start focusing on what you like about yourself, rather than what you hate about yourself – it’s the best way to build your self-esteem. Here’s an article on self-esteem that explains what is and how to strengthen it -
Okay im 13 and i have just become interested in acting! BUT i am so shy! How can i boost my confidence?
A: I’m totally in the same position as you. First, I talked to my mom, and she was supportive of me and now I’m taking acting classes, and joined the drama club at school. The acting classes help you to get over shyness, and the drama club helps me to be more outgoing. Good luck to you, and I hope I could help!
How do boost your self-esteem and confidence, if you’re a very shy person?
Q: Very interested to know?…
A: Go to as many fancy dress parties that you can. You can become a different person when you’re dressed up an be a bit more outgoing until you feel comfortable being outgoing in your own skin.Read books written by people like Susan Jeffers or Ekhart Tolll, read what ever you can relate to.Get a job serving the public or volunteer at the local information centre, to get used to interacting with people.Believe in yourself. Hold your head up. Be proud of yourself. Speak clearly. Make a list of your skills and achievements. Do something out of your comfort zone every week, whether it’s going to a different supermarket or driving a different way to work or going to the movies on your own or parachuting. Push yourself a little bit at a time. I hope this helps.
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