How can I gain my confidence back

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Say nice things about yourself. Cut out people that make you feel bad about yourself. Smile! ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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How do I gain my confidence back?
Firmly resolve now to stop thinking about him, and use the negative thought reprogramming technique, on page 2, and/or page 2L, at . Make yourself exercise, and go out, even if you don’t enjoy it, at fi…
Can you gain your self confidence back once you have lost it??
Now, I am a wreck. I know why this happened, but how can I get back in shape? In shape meaning with a bit more of self-confidence. Because otherwise I can complain as much as I want about my life, but I will just always put myself in the…
What is institute doing in gaining the confidence back??
The fundamental issue is what is expected and what is our mandate? And the expectations and confidences are directly proportional to what is my institution’s mandate. What I am supposed to do, for what my institution has been created? W…

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How do you gain your confidence back once you feel worthless?
Q: I’m having a terrible timing finishing up my college degree, I had to take a pay cut at my job and I feel like a big huge loser. How do I get over this and gain my confidence back?
A: baby steps
How do you gain back confidence on yourself?
Q: I have lost all confidence in myself. Confidence in how I look, college, and most of all the employment world. Ever since I lost my job I can’t get one anywhere. I have been trying and trying. Just from that it went to I don’t feel pretty anymore and hate taking pictures now with my friends or family. I don’t even like looking in mirrors. I feel like I have gained lbs when I have not. I used to not be this way. How do I gain back my confidence????
A: I think the first step is to realise you are a worthwhile person. Your confidence came from having a job. Without the job, you look down on yourself. (How does anyone do that without being a contortionist?)Lift your sights. The one who made heaven and the earth has an interest in you as an individual. Not for what you can do, but because Love is the essence of the Almighty’s nature. And that Love is pure, not driven by what he might get from you but by what he wants to give you.At this time of change, even though you didn’t want it, you have the opportunity to discover new things. Accept the opportunity. Be alert to see what you are being given!Be blessed!
How do I gain my confidence back in cantering? Is it ok to be afraid?
Q: A few days ago I had a riding accident. During my lesson, I was cantering in the field and a motor cycle drove by, making a strange noise. My horse got scared, and went faster. My legs swung back and I leaned forward from being caught off guard by the sudden change in speed. I hit the dirt. Not only did I fall, but I got kicked in the back in the process. I know that leaning forward and all was wrong, so you don’t have to tell me that. Also, this is very very rare for the horse I was riding, she’s older and has lived right next to a busy road all her life. I can control a cantering horse, sometimes Abby (the horse I ride) gets bursts of energy and races around the field with me on her back, I do perfectly fine and pretend nothing has changed. I think the reason I had a hard time with controling her then was because I was really tired out, hot, and wet (it rained most of my lesson). How do I gain my confidence back? Is it ok to be afraid? Is it ok to take is slower for a little while?
A: It is okay, an natural, to be afraid. Just be aware that your horse is also aware of your state of mind. If you are nervous, he is going to be nervous. If you are showing that you are calm, at ease, and in control, he will feel more comfortable.
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