How can I get an IQ test by phone

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Sorry, there currently isn’t a IQ test available by phone. There is a FREE one offered online! ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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Do you think their be an IQ test to get a cell phone??
Nope. If their was, we’d be out of business. Read A Word on Cell phones
Where do you find free IQ test without a cell phone number??
Free online IQ tests are a waste of time. A real IQ test is matched to the person’s background, administered in a controlled setting by a trained person, and consists of up to 400 timed questions. Online tests, with the exception of the pai…
Where can I find a IQ test where I dont have to enter in my cell …?
There are no real IQ tests you can take online. A real IQ test must be administrated and proctored by a professional. Online tests are not accurate, just for fun, don’t agree with the real tests and give everyone high scores. But if you jus…

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Is there an online IQ Test that does not require a cell phone number?
Q: Is there a reputable online IQ test that does not require a cell phone number , ie an IQ test that can be sent to a person’s e-mail WITHOUT generating a flood of junk mail in my inbox?
A: An internet IQ test is not a true measure of the intelligence quotient.
Does anybody know where to find an IQ test that doesn’t require your cell phone pin number?
Q: I have tried to finish an IQ test on the internet, but every time I complete them, it asks for my cell phone number so I can receive my answer in a text message. I wanted to know if there are any websites that can test you without the a cell phone number.
A: theirs are great!here’s the classic one:
An IQ test that doesnt ask for your cell phone number?
Q: I am looking for a good IQ test that doesn’t ask for a cell phone number.
A: Stay away from any on line IQ test. they are notoriously invalid ./
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