How can I get over my social phobia

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Take small steps, start by talking to your doctor about the problem, there is prescriptions to help your situation. [ Source: ]
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How do I get over my social phobia?
Well I wouldn’t call it social phobia because you are not scared in every or almost every social situation, you’re scared at school… Anyway I understand that this troubles you a lot and it’s a good thing that you want to overcome your pro…
How do you get over social phobia?
basically find something outside of school that you can really ommit yourself too, that involves throwing everything you have into it. once you are absorbed in something else, you wont have time to worry about what other people might be thi…
How to get over social phobia? Anyone had this?
I’ve also suffered from social anxiety. I tried meds, but I didn’t like the side effects. After a while it got to the point that I had to go to therapy, even though I REALLY did not want to. Therapy helped out a lot. I had to keep a daily j…

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How can I get over my social phobia??
Q: I have social anxiety and depression I just got on anti-anxiey/depression meds like 2 weeks ago.. I notice a little difference in me I’m not so depressed but I never go out.. How can I get over my phobia?? I just get scared that I’m going to et all weird like I used to. I would shake, have bazar thoughts of people hateing me and just all negitive.. I never ever go out and I feel that this keeps me in.. How can I go out?? I just get all scared that what happend will happen again and I will get all scared which lead me to avoid social situations in the first place.. Please help I want to be able to get over this fear.. I want to go out.. I just dont want to feel weird.. or act weird cuz I notice I do act different.. Please help me..
A: Hi there! My fiance sufers the same. Hey i know it’s not fun…BUT it is curable and knowing that it can help you fight more with it. Therapy helped him a lot and also not being closed inside his home but doing everything normal, facing social events and eventually seeing that they are not so scary. More you keep youself away from it more it makes the fear grow! Visit this site, it will help you see you are not the only one – many of those who suffer the same, or even worse social anxiety, but also many of those who got cured!www.socialanxietysupport.comIf you need somebody to talk to, feel free to write to me:[email protected]
What kind of things help to over coming social phobia?
Q: Also I have a very low self steam what helps.
A: If you are scared to talk to people.well this might seem a lil wierd but just practice a speach in the mirror. Or find someone like you. Try not to make too many friends at ounce because it dosent help bc more friends is more talking! I hope i helped! 🙂
How can I get over my fear of disapproval (social phobia?)?
Q: I really need help! I’ve been struggling with this for several years, now coming at the climax, and I’m finally realizing that it is actually a fear of disapproval. I hate it! It fences me in so much! It interrupts my life. I make myself suffer because I’m too afraid to speak up. It feels like this is ruining my life. I cry just about everyday because this is getting to me.How can I get over this? Please help! Thanks in advance. 🙂
A: i have the same problem, but im overcoming mine slowly but surely. it’s a huge huge huge process, you cant expect results in days, its gonna take a long time.what helps me is reminding myself that everyone is a human being with feelings and insecurities just like me. no matter how intimidated i really feel, no matter how pretty or good looking someone is, i remember that they are just human beings like me, no better, no worse.and i find that little things that i do during the day make me feel better. take a person that sits next to you at school or work and compliment them on something theyre wearing (try to be genuine though) and that might spark a conversation between you two. or just ask that person a question, even if you dont need the answer, just get yourself talking little by little, anything to make you feel like youre socially involved. little things like that every day should make you feel better. and after a few weeks of doing little social interactions, try to iniciate little conversations with people. small talk all the way.good luck. and be strong!
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