How can I get past writer’s block

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Write down all the primary ideas you’d like to express and then fill in each with the smaller ideas that make up each primary idea [ Source: ]
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I usually find that working on character notes, historical (charac. history) content, scene setting, and listening to music reflecting the mood I want the scene to have helps me. Of course, as someone already pointed out, the best way reall…
start working on a part of the story further down the plot line – if you’re not sure how you want it to end, then come up with a possible ending based on the start. Bridge the parts of the story after and see if you like the flow of it, if …
The writer’s block happens because the pool of  the inner experiences which form the inspiration for writing has temporarily dried and it will be a while before it re-fills with fresh ones .The best thing will be to wait till this happens a…
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