How can I get through this

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Find something else to do with your time, such as hanging out with your friends, watching a movie, reading, or finding a new hobby [ Source: ]
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Why am I getting so sick? How can I get through this?
GuruSwamiG : Remember that Kundalini is a cleansing process on all levels (spiritual, mental, physical) and indeed brings forth all the psychological fears, sadness, pain, etc that have been part of your make-up for lifetimes. If you can ke…
How can I get through this break up?
I think i kno the problem…… When u hung out with the other girl that sounds to me like “maybe we should see other people” witch iz like the most common break up line, but u were’nt trying to break up. By u hanging out with s…
How can I get through this life?
First of all, I believe I have a suggestion of why your mom may be towards the whole ‘friends’ thing. Maybe your father was your mom’s only friend, and in the end, he left her. Don’t take this as her not caring about your life, because I’m …

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How can I get people to take me seriously?
Q: I lack self esteem but one thing that bugs me and really gets me down is the fact that people do not listen to me when I talk. I may say something and the person I’m talking to will literally just walk away. I don’t talk particularly soft, I look at the person directly, but it seems like I can’t get through to anyone. It’s getting to the point where I don’t know why I bother. How can I make more of an impact or get people to take me seriously?I’m tired of being ignored.
A: Well, take the opposite approach, hold back a little more, create pervasive silence, get used to not filling the gaps within conversations, this may have the effect of generating a sense of mystery surrounding you – thus, what you then have to say will potentially have greater charm & allure.We detect social anxiety in others. If you appear nervous or have a propensity to chatter, by reflex we may not take what you have to say seriously.Also, think about what you have to share via conversation, if you have nothing to add of interest or no appropriate response, be content to acquire and enhance your listening skills.I hope some of that helps.
How can I download M rated content through Xbox Live?
Q: Every time I try to download M rated content onto my Xbox through Xbox Live I am told that my account doesn’t have permission to download it. It made sense to me when it first started happening because I got Live when I was about 15, and the ESRB age for M rated games is 17. However, I’ve been 17 for almost a year now (almost 18) and I still get this message every time I try to download M rated content. Any help?
A: Maybe your subscription is silver. Sometimes xbox won’t let you download something because you’re not a xbox live gold member
I need an online broker through which I can buy stocks on the Taiwanese stock exchange.?
Q: E Trade and other services I’ve checked do not allow me to purchase a stock listed on the Taiwanese stock exchange. I am looking for an online broker that can.Update: Scottrade does not offer this service, nor does E*Trade or any other of the major US online brokers that I’ve investigated.The company does have Global Repository Receipts (GDRs) traded on the Luxembourg Exchange. If anyone can suggest a service that allows purchase of GDRs (not ADRs), please let me know. Thanks.
A: I’m sure Scottrade can do that.
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