How can I have more patience

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Being more empathetic to others is a great place to start. If someone cuts you off while driving, perhaps they have a sick. MORE? [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Study what triggers your impatience. Notice what happens just before you’re ready to blow. ・ 2 Notice how impatience feels. Identify your own feelings of annoyance or irritation. Find a way to counteract… ・ 3 Discover ways to slow you…
Find something to get your mind off the fact that you’re waiting for something.
This product uses the Howcast API. Find more how to videos on Howcast. Patience is the ability to tolerate delay, adversity, and provocation calmly and without complaint. It can be achieved with some help. Credit: heroicarts Copyright: hero…

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Do the american people need more patience for our involvement in Iraq?
Q: Do we need more patience or is the call for more patience a fallacious argument that could go on indefinitely?Can sunk costs ever be recovered? Can the sacrifice of lives of soldiers ever be recovered? Do two bad policies make one bad one better?
A: Maybe the American people understand the new strategy is working and the benefits of a stable Iraq far outweigh leaving and having to deal with this mess years down the road. Maybe we need a new media that isn’t full of anti-conservative jargon/motives.
How can I build more patience toward people?
Q: I lash out too much. I pray, but it seems the more I try the worse it gets. The less I try the worse it gets. I’ve tried for a long time.
A: Do you feel that you are not being understood? For example, do you talk with someone, or do something, and then someone misinterprets what you are saying or doing? Perhaps that’s what’s happening and you are taking it personally, then you lash out. When we don’t feel we are being listened to, or worse, want to express something but are afraid of the consequences of doing so, it builds up as aggression inside of us. Then we lash out at inappropriate moments. It’s unlikely you are upset at the moment, you are likely building a resentment of some sort and people are just triggering you. Figure out what it is that is really causing you to lash out. If you dig a little, it probably has very little to do with the present moment, but perhaps something that happened a long (or short) time ago that you have yet to overcome.
How can I have more patience with my kids?
Q: I have three kids and I know that I am not doing something right. Everyone else says I’m not hard enough on them. I take them out to the park or beach everyday. I play with them. I take good care of them and make sure every need is met yet they seem like they despise me at times(especially my oldest who is almost 9) and they just don’t seem that happy. I have gone through a divorce but that was 3 years ago. I don’t see how they could be that spoiled. I discipline them when they need it. The other two are toddlers. Does anyone else go through this?Back to the original question….I have been a little snippy and grouchy with them lately because of their lack of obedience. Sometimes they do things that are down right dangerous and they WON’T mind me. It has been getting on my last nerve lately.
A: Amazingly enough children raised either by overly strict parents or passive parents end up the same way! I would consider this a blessing in the sense that you know things have to change now when your oldest is 9 instead of when he/she is 19! I would sit down and really be honest with yourself about what needs to the 9 year old is disrespectful in tone etc..then come up with a plan on how to change it.If you give them everything..they appreciate nothing. They may have to start earning reward days and things! Does your 9 year old have any chores? If not get hopping..I would suggest that you come up with at least 3 chores (short ones) to be done daily..or do one a day each day of the week and reward them with an allowance (NOT TOO MUCH!) and make he/she buy what he/she will help them in the long run! As far as the toddlers..monkey see monkey do..the same has to be in place for them..(obviously not chores yet)..but they should not be allowed to disrespect you.I can imagine that you feel somewhat guilty about the divorce in the sense that your children don’t have 2 parents with them at all times..however, that can’t be changed. Your guilt and willingness to buy them whatever they want, be their happy playmate doesn’t equate to undoing the divorce! It’s not helping them.One thing I was told when my son was young how do you want him to be when he’s an adult..that’s what you need to work on now. If you want your 9 year old to be on that now. Good luck..parenting is tough!
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