How can i have more self control when it comes to eating

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Identify and avoid trigger foods and drinks. Increase nutrient density with good foods and nutrient supplements. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How to learn self-control when it comes to eating?
If you are struggling with depression you should seek professional help. Your emotional eating is a byproduct of your depression and until you resolve that you will continue to struggle with your weight. When you are ready to try a new life…

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How can I have more SELF-CONTROL when it comes to EATING?
Q: Sometimes I just can’t stop until I’m too full. D: Please help?
A: eat slowly and deliberatelyenjoy every bite and chew completelyseriously, if you eat slowly and with all awareness and attention on food, you’ll find yourself to be satisfied and fuller without eating too much:)Good luck!
How do I gain self control when it comes to eating healthy or dieting?
Q: I am about 30 lbs. over weight and I tried weight watchers to lose weight, it worked but I didn’t stick with it so I am back were I started. I don’t exercise, I don’t eat right, and ALMOST don’t even care. Deep down I do though and wish I could have self control over food. I know that I have self control considering I have overcome other and worse addictions just fine, one being to stop smoking cigarettes. How can I practice good eating habits for longer then a few weeks wthout giving up?
A: You have to make a decision. Do you want to be healthy or not? Start with small steps and do it to be healthy, not so much to lose weight. I know it kind of sounds like it doesn’t make sense. But if you make your goal to be healthy and not to lose weight the results will last longer! There are too many diets and pills and regiments that will help you just lose weight, but so many people gain it back because they didn’t learn to live to be healthy. Start exercising 3x a week. For me I had to join a class because on my own I was not disciplined enough. Don’t eat out more than once a week. This was the hardest for me. It is so tempting to just call and order pizza, or make a run to the fast food place down the street, instead of planning a meal. Once you start to lose weight, and go down in clothing sizes it is enough motivation to get you through the tough times!
How to learn self-control when it comes to eating?
Q: I ate well and exercised, and I ended up losing 9 pounds, but I recently gained back 5. I am under a lot of stress and I am struggling with depression right now, which just makes me want to eat and eat…and eat…and eat more. Can you give me some tips on how to learn self- control so I can lose those 5 pounds and then some?
A: exercise helps with depression and will burn off those extra calories! If you’re at the gym or outside jogging in the park you won’t have immediate access to your fridge.
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