How can i help a friend who cuts herself

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Here are some things that you can try to help a friend who cuts: Talk about it. Let your friend know that you won’t judge… more [ Source: ]
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How to help my friend who cuts herself?
Tell her that as you as her friend that you are worried about her and that it scares you and dont like when she hurts herself.Dont put so much pressure of the conversation on her cuz then she will probably get stressed out and that make thi…
My friend cuts herself. What can I do to help her??
Cutting and other forms of hurting oneself can be very serious, dangerous, and sometimes even life-threatening. If you know your friend cuts herself, you need to encourage her to speak with a trusted adult. If she doesn’t do this though, an…
I have a friend that cuts herself whenever she is upset. Can I he…?
Why are you trying to help her? Most likely shes going to push you away if you try to stop her. Theres a big difference between cutting and killing yourself. Some people just like a little pain, so who are you to stop her? Try to be a b…

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How do i help my friend who cuts herself?
Q: I just found out my friend cuts herself. I am 12 and shes 11. I’m so scared but i can’t tell anybody and she doesnt know that i know. What do i do?
A: I think you need to stop doing that and just go out and start moving yourself. Prayer man. There is always an oppurtunity in everything. BUt I just pray and let the spirit lead me man. Let God work it out. Turn your stress and anxiety over to him. Let Him deal with itHow heroes use this problem and turn it around and face lifeSo what you can do is write down all the things you DON’T want (the way your problem is) and then write down the exact opposite…The point is always in ACTION. Thinking about it is the first step… the second step is believing in it… the third step is acting like you believe in it… and the fourth is in being in a place where you can receive it. Check all these desires of yours against those steps.Sometimes you are where you are supposed to be for a reason. Perhaps it isn’t time for you to move on. Don’t give up on your dream. Work a little at a time to prepare yourself for the time when you have the success that you want. Get things in order. Use this time wisely as you may become very busy soon and feel overwhelmed if you don’t have your home and affairs in order. It sounds like you have decided upon one path to take. Often life presents more than one way to reach your goal. I believe opportunites will come and you must be open to new experiences. Even if you think it isn’t your chosen path this new occurance may lead to other opportunities in ways that you may not recognize at first. As long as you keep your eyes on your goal and keep moving forward success will come to youI believe that toxic people can make you sick, even shorten your life. The best thing to do is to do something for yourself, leave so you can live by yourself and go after what you want in life. The more you stay with the same people, the more your life will stay the same. Also, every time you catch yourself saying something negative, keep changing it around. You’re seeing how it works to some degree… just intensify it.My suggestion would be for you to attend school. The key is to work hard and Get out in the world and DO something elseAnother one is Thinking positive thoughtsThought is the only power that can produce tangeble riches from the formless substance. The stuff from which all things are made, is a substance which thinks. A thought of form in this substance produces the form. Original substance moves according to its thoughts. Every form and process you see in nature is the visible expression of a thought in the original substance. As it thinks of a form it takes that form. As it thinks of motion, it makes that motion. That is the way all things are created. We live in a thought world. And this world is part of a thought universe. The original thought of a moving universe, first extended throughout the formless substance. The thinking stuff resulting from that thought, took the form of systems of planets. And continues to maintain that form. thinking substance takes the form of its thought and moves according to the thought. If you can build an image in your mind and hold it, you will attract all that is required for the manifestation of it. Look at it this way, Your hand is made of energy. It’s a mass of molecues at a very high speed of vibration. What’s a glass made of? Energy. What’s water made of? Energy. Now if you take and boil that water that water is not called water any more it will be called steam. It’s the same energy, just moving at a different speed. What’s the glass made from? Energy. Use to be sand. what we’ve done is alter the molecular structure of the energy and we’ve turned the sand into glass. Still the same form of stuff. Thought and energy is one. Thought waves are cosmic waves that penetrate all time and space. There is one original formless substance, and which all things are made. Where does everything start? it starts in thought and whats thought? Thoughts energy. Thought in substance produces shapes. A human being is a thinking center, capable of original thought. So you are a thinking center. You’re the center of thought. Thoughts are on the present, thought energy is everywhere. And this energy moves in to your conciousness. And you can think anything that you want to think. If anyone of us can communicate our thought to original substance, we can cause the creation or formation of the thing we think about. That’s a Huge IdeaSo…..begin right now to calm your mind. Bring yourself to a place of peace and be open to loving direction. Keep in mind that the direction or help offered may not be what you thought it would be. It is important that you not dictate. When I say submission….I mean submission. Also, in order to receive miracles and blessings, YOU MUST BE WILLING TO ACCEPT THEM! Be on the lookout for small things offered. Give thanks and receive the gift. (Even if it is something as small as advice). Be aware. SearchWhen inspired with guidance…now, you must pick yourself up and take action. Swift action. You’ll know if it is divine revelation. If the guidance is life affirming, (either to you or someone else)…get up and just do it! Don’t wait. Yes, it is possible for something to be handed to you; but taking action on guidance should be just as much of a miracle to be realizedEverybody’s journey will be different and unique to their own personal experience although what I’ve suggested here is the beginning foundation necessary.After you’ve worked yourself out of an immediate crisis; a few important questions should arise for your consideration. How do you move forward and close the gate behind? What are you going to do to build a better life? I don’t think you want to come back to this horrible wretched place again…right?Well; to build anything, you must start on a firm foundation. You’ve started your building process by changing the way you think. You’ve planted the good seeds. Now, the good seeds must be fed and nurtured to grow. But what about all those weeds? The weeds must be pulled up, one at a time or they will over run the good seeds of your garden again. There is still more work to be done for a good foundationI know some are thinking they already have a good foundation in place and want to start moving forward on their journey. I suggest they ask themselves a question before beginning; Look at your surroundings right now….what do you see?If your life is in chaos, your surroundings are a mess, (literally and figuratively), your health is substandard, have addictions or a number of spirit killing situations….then you need to work on yourself FIRST. Remember…God is not the author of chaos.This is also true for those who have asked for advice, paid for programs and/or coaches and nothing seems to work. If the advice received is good and nothing is working; then something of a higher priority should be attended to. If you are in bad health or physical pain…your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to the alarms going off! Your state of mind has manifested EVERYTHING you are experiencing right now.Working on yourself first before starting any new venture, or relationship is absolutely necessary because it is YOU holding you backSomehow…someway…you got to where you are now because of how you think. I’m going to make a suggestion Please take the time to read a very short book, – You can also go to any bookstore in the “classic” section and buy it. It’s called, “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen and was written in the 1800’s. This book is deep and every single sentence has wisdom; so it is something that has to be read and studied slowly. I highly recommend this little book, because it changed many life in a profound way.After reading, “As A Man Thinketh” and ABSORBING what it says…you will begin to understand why I am sending you in this direction before starting your journeyMy idea – “How to win friends and influence people” is an awesome book and I highly recommend you pick it up. The book goes into detail on how to be more of a selfless, encouraging, and humble person and those attributes we’ll attract people to you. One of my favorite lines of the book says that ‘you can make more friends in two weeks by taking an interest in others then you can in two years trying to tell others about yourself’.My suggestion to a book it’s a book called the conversations with God. There are 3 in the series. You may want to read them and see where that takes you as a start to getting your life on track. You can go on the web and search Neale Donald Walsh as he is the author and has several very good sitesLife can always be difficult at times. The key is to realize that there is another Law called the Law of Polarity. For every negative, there is a positive. For every up, there is a down. We tend to stay focused on the negative, but the sight should be on the fact that there is a positive in direct proportion to the negative. Always keep your focus on your dream and possibility, and never on your current situation. CREATE what you DO want in your mind, and ignore what you DON’T want. And don’t let the present situation that you don’t like be your focus, againfocus on what you DO like and want. Then TRUST and BELIEVE. If you do not, then your situation cannot change. I’m wishing you well and sending love your way. Hope this helps, Warm Regards, and thank you for your question
I have a friend who cuts herself and I think she needs help?
Q: My friend, Lila, has a serious cutting problem. There’s so many cuts up and down her arm and I’m just really worried. I KNOW she cuts herself. Apparently someone told our school counselor because my other friend asked me if I’d told the counselor. Not me. Her mom didn’t even know until now, and I’m just really worried. She’s one of my best friends and I love her, but I’m just really worried.Is there anything I can do? Or should I just let the counselor work out stuff?
A: Obviously she has the counselor to talk to about her troubles with cutting. Maybe you can try to bring it up once, but sometimes a friend just needs someone to talk about nothing with…you know? Just listen. Make her know that you’re listening…not just waiting for your turn to talk. And let her know how much you care about her…who cares how sappy it is. Maybe she just needs to know that someone out there gives a crap even though they don’t have to.
What should I say to a friend who cuts herself?
Q: She’s had many family problems and she just recently told me that she cuts herself, I’m wondering what I should say to her, it really hurts me that she would do something like that and she seems to me to be on the verge of suicide. She told me she wants to stop but she isn’t even trying to stop and she knows she isn’t, what should I do?
A: She definately needs professional help, but there are things that you can do now. You can be there to listen to her. It may be tempting to demand her to stop immediately, but this approach will most likely alienate her. She knows she needs to stop, so telling her what she already knows is useless. often, just knowing they have someone who cares enough to listen eases a lot of their pain.You might try to help her to understand why she feels she has to cut herself. Does it make her feel better? Does she feel like she deserves it? What is she thinking when she cuts herself? The cutter usually uses physical pain to alleviate emotional pain. Also keep in mind that there may be other underlying problems or mental disorders (such as bipolar, obsessive compuslive, depression, or even eating disorders) that are causing her to do this. In those cases, simply talking with her will not solve anything. If you are a young person, you need to make sure you get help. Try as hard as you can to get her to confide in a trusted adult, preferably her parents unless circumstances wouldn’t permit it. Cutting can become life-threatening, even if the person is not sucidal, so it is important to get her to a professional immediately.There are also books out there that may be able to help her. Go to your local library or search online. If your friend is religious, you might refer her to her local pastor or priest. Recently, Jehovah’s Witnesses had articles about this type of self-cutting in the January and Febuary Awake Magazine. You can look up “Jehovah’s Witnesses” in the phonebook and call for someone to drop off the magazines free of charge. Getting something in her hand that she can read may be what she needs to motivate her to get help.Whatever you decide to do, please get help for her, but also make sure that you get help as well.P.S. If you are not in a romantic relationship with her, be supportive and positive, but becareful about saying too many “lovey” things to her. Since she is in a very emotional state, she could very easily begin to thik of you as more than a friend. The last thing you both need is to have her fall in love with you, then become more depressed when you do not return the feelings. If you do have some feelings for her, please wait for her to get help before pursuing any type of relationship. Carefully consider whether you are mature enough to understand all that is involved with loving someone in her condition. Again, getting trusted adults involved will be a safegaurd to you and help to protect both of your feelings during this very sensitive time.
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