How can i make time for everything i need to do

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Have one goal at a time – Often the problem is that we try to take on too many goals at once. We have a list of things we…More? [ Source: ]
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What’s important to you?—How-Do-I-Make-Time-For-Everything-That-Needs-To-Be-Done?&id=713933
As a couple, talk about what’s important to you individually. Being up front with one another about activities that are important to you and require time is essential. An example of this, is a couple I was coaching. During the time they dat…
Does your one-time book publishing fee include everything I need …?
As you compare book publishers, make note of what essential elements are included in their various levels of fees. Some will ask you to decide whether you want your picture on the back of your book (for a fee), whether you want the book pub…

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What do I need to improve and how should I go about this?
Q: (I posted this earlier, but didn’t get many replies. Just wanted more opinions.)Hello everyone, I have a couple videos I would like someone to look at and give me suggestions about what I can improve.Please just look at everything – my leg position, my hands, my seat, whatever. I have been riding for about a year a few months, and I really want to get these things fixed. Please don’t be afraid to critisize harshly, I know I am not the the best rider.I do work with a trainer but right now we are basically just focusing on the horse. I shareboard him, and the owners are in the process of training him to do english. (I can tell ya, he does not take too kindly to the bit). This is also something I find that gets in the way of improving what I need to improve.One more thing, my boyfriend recorded these videos and he adds a lot of commentary about the bugs…so yes, I am riding somewhere in the video, you just have to click later in the video.Thanks in advance.Here are the videos: I think at about 00:30 I start riding.Again, sorry you have to skip through a lot. My boyfriend was having a little too much fun with the camera!If the video is “skipping”, it would probably help to pause it and let it load completely.Yes I realize my posting is horrendous in the one video. I was probably sitting and changing my diagonal, or sitting to make Blue stop. He wasn’t on his best behavior that day.
A: Cutie pony! he doesn’t look stubborn to me, he looks like he doesn’t know what you want. Your post is not awful, its just forced looking. Remember to practice your sitting trot as it is just as important. I usually have my students practice it last in their lesson. The purpose of a posting trot is so that you can get up off his back. So, sit slowly and lightly, don’t be heavy on him, or land on his back. This involves your whole seat, including your thighs. Ride stirrup-less, at the walk and the trot when you warm up. Really focus on walking for him and let him (and you!) relax. There is no need to hurry. Before you depart at the walk, take a moment to relax and drop into your heels. let your leg be relaxed. Take your warm up time seriously, as it sets the mood for the whole lesson. At night time before you go to bed, stand on the bottom of the stairs, facing the stairs, and put the ball of your foot on the first step. Let your heel fall and stretch your calf. This is what it should feel like in the stirrup. Falling into your heel, rather then pushing into it. your heel should act like a shock absorber at the trot.Remember, the post comes from your leg angles, so it doesn’t matter how long your stirrups are. in the first picture, her knee angle opens, and her hip angle opens. As she sits, her knee angle closes, and so does her hip, (her hip closes slightly.) She is posting without stirrups, which is a little advanced for you at this stage, but I can see it in your near future.In the first video, right when you pass the camera, you’ll notice for a stride that he gives his face and rounds himself. It’s so important that you walk him right then on a loose rein and give him rubs so he knows that is the goal. Make it your goal that everytime he becomes soft, even if its for a stride, to walk him and relax after. You’ll find in about a week, he’ll start rounding when you ask for his face. Because your shoulders are tense, your hands are unforgiving. That’s why your neck tilts funny. Roll your shoulders in the warm up and do some windmills with your arms to relax. His mouth tension on the reins should feel like someone is holding your hand. It’s a give and take process. Your hands don’t have to be completely still, relative to your body. They need to be following the horse. If you create negative tension in his mouth, he will drop his shoulders down through the bit and hollow out.OK, so translated into english… LOL this horse is a pretty good example of what your end goal is. Keep practicing until he looks similar at the walk and trot: you’ll notice, the reins pick the horse’s front end UP and the horse is using his back. When your riding, pretend that your reins are connected to his shoulders. when you feel those shoulders come UP from the postive tension in your reins, release him completely on the buckle and let him halt (if your walking) and let him walk (if your trotting). This will be his positive reward for doing what you want, encouraging him to do that everytime. When he gets the idea of what you want, start asking more and more of him. Before you get on for a ride, practice this exercise: will give your horse time to figure out where his belly muscles are, and it will also make him softer and more responsive. Notice the link I gave you is to the third slide. start at slide one. there are arrows to browse through the photos.I know this may have been confusing, please feel free to email if you have questions.
At what time will she need to start to make sure everything is ready before the guests arrive?
Q: Mrs. McNair is having a party at 8:00. She has to clean the house in 1 hour. Shop for goodies in 1 1/2 hours. Take ashower in 30 minutes. Blow up balloons in 20 minutes. Pick CD’s out in 5 minutes. What time should she start to make sure that all of these things are complete before her guest arrive?
A: 10 minutes before she writes the invitations.
Do I wait for him? Really complicated…?
Q: I was seeing or ‘dating’ a guy for two months but we weren’t going out but it was relatively serious and we were exclusive to each other. Hes 22 and I’m 18, hes also one of my older brothers best mates. When we first starting dating it was against my brother wishes and he actually stood up to my brother to be with me. For the first month it was the best relationship I’ve ever been in and I began to fall for him. However, I moved away to university at this point and after having a heart to heart with each other we decided to try and make it work.For the first two weeks I came back on weekends and everything was the same as before. He also called me everyday that I was away.However, the third week I came back and he was really weird with me and didn’t spend time with me. He runs a clubnight and it was on that weekend, hes always really busy and rushed on those nights so I just put it down to that. I then spent a little time with him on the day that I returned to uni and everything seemed normal.But for the next week he didn’t call me once and kept making excuses saying he was busy for why he hadn’t called.I was meant to see him on that Friday night, but when I came back he had made other plans with friends and didn’t see me. He didn’t answer his phone all of the next day and I sent him a couple of angry texts saying I was annoyed that I hadn’t seen him when I came back especially to see him.The next day we had a massive conversation and we broke up because he felt like he couldn’t give me what I wanted and he didn’t always have time to talk to me and see me and he didn’t want me to end up hating me because of it.Abit more background:Theres also a lot of complications with him, he recently (july time) broke up with a gf of 2 years who he was living with, though he said he was over. However he said that she hurt him a lot and he found it hard to trust girls. He said he was holding himself back abit and not showing as much affection as he could because he didn’t want to get hurt.He goes to university 5 days a week and djs at night 2-3 nights a week. So he is really busy.I am also living an hour and a half away at uni.We ended on really good terms, and I still like him a hell of a lot.I asked him if things could work out if circumstances changed and he said ‘I never say never’. So my question is to you, do I get on with my life and hope that one day we can be together or do I forget about him all together. Let me stress that I have never felt this way about another person. He’s on my mind 24/7 and I’ve been really down about things since we broke up. I’m just feeling a little lost and need some guidance in what to do.
A: whew. thats a mouthful.i wouldnt write it off so quickly. maybe remaining in a relationship despite the distance wasn’t the best idea. i’m kinda in the same situation now, so believe me, i get that you’re crazy about him, and putting a good thing on hold DOES NOT always feel good, but feeling it out through the separation would have brought things into perspective in terms of how committed both of you are to one another. and realising how strong those feelings are would have brought you even closer together.But focusing on the distance and pining over your next visit was most def gonna drive you crazy, and make you wonder about him, what he does and who he’s with, and naturally you’d panic if you’re not sure where you stand. And then to add to it when you try to contact him it’s like he fell off the face of the planet? NOT A GOOD FEELING EITHER. but it could have been avoided. i had to learn with my current guy that he’s an adult too, meaning he has responsibilities, and a job, and stresses just like me. so he wouldnt be able to return EVERY call or text. its not practical. but if he’s trustworthy i shouldnt be shaken by a missed call, so i have to remind myself to breathe everytime it happens lol. As in NOT send angry voicemails. Of course you’re gonna miss him, but no guy wants to feel like all the time you spend together is being logged, or that he’s neglecting someone he really cares about and he most def doesnt want to be hunted everytime you’re in town lol. Just take it slow and remain friends, but dont stay in a relationship if the distance is only gonna strain it. If its meant to be it’ll fall right back into place, dont force it.
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