How can i raise my self confidence

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To raise your self confidence, give yourself a pep talk and smile a lot. Thanks for asking your friend, Clause! [ Source: ]
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You need to set some goals then try to reach them. This will help raise self-confidence.・ 1. If you want to lose weight – set a weight loss goal and do it ・ 2. Practice approaching new people. Set a goal….I will approach 2 new people e…
Well im in a similiar situation as you but have no one to confind to because im suffereing personal issues that i haven’t solved yet .Im naturally a timid person and dont believe im good enough for others or myself , i feel people cannot ac…
Baby steps. Its not a big deal – Start with a simple “Hey how you doing?” or “Did you watch Lost last night?” Or even a hey you look really nice today – girls love that s***. Comment about her hair looks nice today. Every conversation yo…

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How can I raise my body self confidence?
Q: I am 16 years old, 5’6 and 120 pounds even. I run everyday and feel okay about my body. For spring break im going on a cruise with my friend whos taller AND skinnier. She is naturally super thin. I feel TERRIBLE next to her. The only think i have over her is my boobs. haha. What can i do to not be embarresed when im with her, and raise my self confidence?
A: For your height and weight you sound like a beautiful girla nd you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Truth is, most guys dont really like super thin girls. Honestly…I didnt figure this out until I was a bit older myself. And you shouldnt compair yourself to your friend, becuase everyone is different. Just be proud of the wonderful body that you have!
How do i make raise my self confidence?
Q: I have come to realize that i am not feeling so great about myself. i am just so dang self conscious about my looks. i know i sound silly. but i just cant get it out of my head.i feel so disappointed with myself when i think like this, is there any way to raise my self confidence?
A: Many, MANY women feel bad about their looks, simply because of the massive focus on women’s appearance in our culture combined with the fakeness and bizarre standard put out there by models and actresses.I can’t see you, but I can tell you that I’ve known at least half a dozen women who insisted they were ugly or fat, hated their appearance and got self-conscious about it, despite being drop-dead gorgeous.I don’t blame you for feeling silly about it. Looks aren’t important, but our culture keeps insisting they are, especially for women. It’s a messed-up world.
How to raise self esteem/confidence in teenagers?
Q: Teenagers who think their stupid and need to raise their self esteem and usually have misplaced confidence – what are the best ways of helping this?
A: prais them ,dont put them down so much, there human too.
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