How can I reduce hypertention and stress

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Some forms of yoga have long been shown to reduce hypertension, cholesterol levels, and other signs of physiological stress. [ Source: ]
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How to Reduce Stress to Ease Hypertension
・ 1 Take up yoga. This ancient Indian practice combines physical, mental and spiritual training. Yoga will… ・ 2 Walk. Assure your stressed self that you will use the time to organize your thoughts. Then put on your… ・ 3 Practice relaxat…
Can general practitioners use training in relaxation and manageme…?
Department of Community Medicine, University College, London.
Is there a role for stress management in reducing hypertension in…?
When stress is considered as any demand placed on the body, the focus is shifted away from the stressor to how the body responds to the stress. There are psychological, physiological, and behavioral responses to excessive stress. Left unadd…
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