How can I start liking myself more

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Read the AA Big Book, even if you’re not an alcoholic. I used to not like myself that book taught me to just let go of all the bs. [ Source: ]
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How to start liking myself?
First of all, dump the girlfriend. A girl who says things like that to you is poison. Yes, you do need to learn how to love yourself. You’re concentrating on your flaws. We all have flaws. You need to see your strengths. And who cares if …
What can I do to β€œtrain” myself to start liking healthier foods??
I get that [question] so often. When I interviewed the contestants coming into the show [the first few seasons], I was surprised by how few fruits and vegetables they were eating. But, they all turn around on the show. You should aim for fo…
How can I start acting like myself?
hehe. How indeed πŸ˜› I have this problem sometimes and I’m 22 πŸ˜› The thing is, what I define as ‘myself’ is unacceptable in a lot of social situations πŸ˜› I think part of it is to realise what and who you are, fully. This oftens means facin…

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how can i start making myself known more thru my music im 14?
Q: i really love to sing and i will like people to notice me more what step should i take
A: video tape for YouTube.
How do I stop listening to others and start listening to myself more?
Q: I always seem to listen to others, but never to myself. I don’t want to be like that. How do I stop? πŸ™
A: lol…do you see the irony in your question darlin?You are ASKING OTHERS (so here ya go again, listening to others)You will need to get to know yourself better, so that you feel comfortable inside your own skin, people that feel secure are far more self reliant. Use your intuition…we usually know in our gut feelings whether somethings right or not.Continue your education, maybe take some psychology classes, learn how the mind works.As you mature, you’ll learn to rely less on others lip service!
If I start quoting myself like biblical texts, would that give it more weight to the evidence?
Q: You know how christians are always like “john 10:20 blah blah blah” “mathews 20:180 blah blah blah” and then they actually think thats supposed to be some kind of now if i say “Live For Something or Die For Nothing 2:80 – religion is crap” does that mean now its high top end evidence?
A: Pilar 7:29 Indeed, it will be so.
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