How can I stop hating myself

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Consider how great you have it. You are alive, you are not dead, and you’re in a city sung about by Greenday. Seriously, chill. [ Source: ]
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First off, why should you be friends with this nasty little person just because your dads are pals? If your father wants you to spend time with her, you should tell him, “I’m sorry, but we just don’t have that much in common, and I do…
Don’t let his sourness get mixed in your own feelings about yourself. If he “hates” you let him. If he can’t take responsibility for his own life and try to blame it on you… he’s the one with issues. I know it’s not going to be …
I totally know how you feel. I’m 28 and have always felt I was ugly and now that I have put on weight, so I feel fat. There are only three things about myself that I like. I like my eyes, hair and nails, but that’s it. I’ve had boyfriends i…

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How can I stop hating myself just because I am blond?
Q: I seriously hate being blond. No, its not bleached, its natural. I used to dye it black but my hair got so damaged I had to stop. I just feel like I get stereotyped and stared at just because of a stupid hair color. But I really don’t want to hate myself, what can I do?
A: Cut it all off. If it’s damaged anyway, you might as well because it will never get better. I had a friend who was platinum blonde and she buzzed her head and her hair grew back darker ( and thicker too!). She loved every minute of it too. A lot of people had a positive reaction and everyone told her how pretty her eyes were. AND it would take you out the dumb blonde category and into the intense liberal chick category. Plus, you’d have a lot of different looks while growing it out.
How can I stop hating myself?
Q: I hate who I am, how I look, and who I am. Some things I can change, one I’ve been dieting and exercising and have lost weight, but I will never look like how i want to look. I don’t have the motivation to better myself. I just want to stop being jealous of everyone and dreading getting older. How can I stop being afraid of life and everything so much?
A: Congratulations on your weight loss!I think that this is a bit bigger than just a looks issue and maybe an appt with a CBT counsellor or similar might help you a bit.Remember, others will show you their best bits and make themselves out to be better than they probably are, so try not to take it at face value.How are you managing to hate yourself? You must be picturing certain senarios, imagining yourself in certain ways or maybe going over some bad decision or behaviour in your past (that everyone else will be guilty of too).If you can work out the details of how you’re doing this to yourself then you can start changing it (some small bits first) and start creating a different opinion.Whatever you think of yourself, others will follow.It’s big stuff you’re dealing with here, so please try to find someone who can help you.Best of luckLee-Anne
How do I stop hating myself?
Q: I’m a 24 years old man. Basically, my problem is a walking cliché – I hate myself in a way I can’t stop it. It’s like an addiction to being miserable. I’m always concerned about weight and looks, always craving other peoples’ atention and always searching for recognition. I work 10 hours a day just to prove I can do better than anyone else, I workout 2 hours a day because if I don’t I can barely eat dinner from guilt and I do a lot of stuff from work when I come home. I barely pay atention to my friends or family. I have a huge problem with being made fun of (probably because I have really HUGE gay tendencies, but never got involved with a man) – if I get the least impression that I’m being made fun of, I go into a depression that’s really hard to deal with.The worst part is I recognize all of this – I know that most of what I’m doing is wrong. But I just can’t help it. I can be happy now and miserable because someone made a comment that I assumed that was directed to me.
A: Until you resolve your past, and go through it and remove all the false beliefs you have stored about reality, you are not going to move. I suggest doing some investigation to find out where some behaviors you exhibit were initially learned. You overreact because you have not come to terms with a similar situation in the past. You have not allowed yourself to feel whatever way about them, so whenever something remotely similar to the original situation occurs, all the crap from the past is brought up again, you feel afraid and insecure and you overreact. You want others to pay attention to you so you do not have to take care of yourself. Your self worth is low, I agree with the self-esteem work and a therapist suggestion.It is a huge problem; do not dismiss it, its preventing you from being a happy and well-adjusted person. Fix it!
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