How can i stop procrastination or what is a good way to stop procrastination

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If you have a big project or goal break it up into little pieces so it doesn’t seem so boring. [ Source: ]
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What is the best way to stop procrastinating?
“Google: Time management podcast” I am also a procrastinator so reading usually is not high on my list. Try listening to time management podcasts to get a better idea. I have learned much more through podcasts than I ever would re…
What is the best way to stop procrastinating and to start doing s…?
“How To Stop Procrastinating” Recognize that procrastination stems from habit. New habits will be needed, and these take time and commitment to develop. Harold Taylor defines procrastination as the intentional and habitual postpon…
What’s a good way to stop yourself from procrastinating??
I do it alot! Make a list of what you need to do, break down what needs to be done and by when. Set deadlines, and work on it a little bit everyday. Cross stuff off your list when you’re done with it.

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What is an easy way to stop procrastination?
Q: I’m currently in 9th grade and I have a major procrastination problem. I leave all my assignments to the last minute and I don’t really study for exams which is probably why I’m failing. Can anyone please help me? Thanks.
A: No, only you can help you. It’s a matter of intent and will.Everything you do, or don’t do, is a choice you make. No one holds a gun to your head and makes you put off doing other things you know you should be doing. You’re solely responsible for the choices you make, I know personal responsibility isn’t big with your generation, but that’s the simple truth..
What is the BEST way to prevent/stop procrastination?
Q: Yeah, procrastination… it could impact your academics greatly… omg! what am I doing here! I’m supposed to be doing math by now!
A: Listen, Procrastination is like a disease. The cure, well it to do it as soon as you can. Force your self. It is like taking that nasty cough syrup. But you take because it is good for you. So, take the time out, and turn the TV, Cell Phone off and get what ever need to be done right a way. Make a planner, and creat time tables for yourself. and try to do things on time. It is a habit, just like smoking, and you can stop doin it , when you feel you are ready. After some time, may be years, the good, smart, on time you, will take over, and you will be cured. Just believe in your self!!!I hope that helps.
What are some good tips to stop procrastination?
Q: I’m in my second year of college and it’s seems as though whenever I sit down to do homework, I can’t. I push back everything until the last minute. Sometimes I am able to sit and do homework for hours, but recently I haven’t been able to bring myself to do even the easiest of homework. Does anyone have any tips to help me buckle down and do some work?
A: it helps if you do homework with a friend, they can help you stay organized, and studying will be more fun since you’re are with a friend, not just staring at a book
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