How can I tell if I have an anxiety problem

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Symptoms of anxiety disorders are constantly being tense or worried, heart palpitations, insomnia, nausea and irrational fears. [ Source: ]
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Anxiety problem. Am I pregnant?
i really don’t think you’re preg. because you can’t feel symptoms basically until a couple of weeks after conceiving. But on the other hand every women is different. It sounds to me like you are stressing out about it and if you are reading…
Do i have an anxiety problem?
I think you should focus on the eating disorder part of your post because it may have more relevance than you think. What does it mean that you “went through an eating disorder a few months back.” I hope it means that you saw a ps…
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Sometimes I get panic attacks, but i’m not sure if i really have an anxiety problem. How can I tell?
Q: The last time I had a panic attack was (last week) when I thought I’d stuffed things up with my Boyfreind. I couln’t stop crying and it was hard to breath at one point making me feel faint. I put this down to being premenstral, but, the probelm is that I have had them before (usually when i’m alone). A few weeks ago I had one when I was drunk. I’ve also had them on and off for the last few years, but have never thought much about them. How do I know if its just my hormones or a form of anxiety? I do tend to stress quite a bit, and the extra stress of living away from home this year has made me homesick and not as happy as I used to be. Should I see someone about it (i’m too embarressed to tell my parents or freinds) or should I just deal with it and move on?
A: I have had panic and anxiety attacks since I was 16 and am 48 now. You should go to the Doctor and talk with them to make sure it is panic attacks or if something else is going on. And Meds. are the only thing that keeps me from having them often.
How should I tell my parents about my anxiety problem?
Q: I believe I have an axiety problem. Now I don’t know for sure if this is true because a professional hasn’t diagnosed me with anything but I am almost certain I do have one. I am constantly nervous, in public I am constantly thinking about how people are viewing me at the time. Everything I do I try to hide because I don’t want people to view me differently because I will get embarassed. My palms are CONSTANTLY sweaty because I am always nervous. I’m very shy and hardly speak to anyone I don’t know well, and I hate it! I used to not care because I didn’t think it’d effect me much in life. But now I am 16 and in my sophomore year in high school and things are just way harder when I think like this. I want help, but it’s going to be hard to tell my parents because my dad is always angry and thinks he is always right. I know if I told him I have anxiety he’d just say “You damn teenagers always think of excuses in life!” and yell at me. How should I tell my parents about this?
A: well here’s what i did, and you can manipulate it to fit your own situation if you like;i said mom i want to talk to a therapist and she said well okay but whats it about and i just told her i didn’t feel comfortable telling her yet.. so she took me to see one and the therapist helped diagnose me but then she referred me to pyschitrist to make sure and for medication..with help of my therapist we told my mom what was going on and she took it well.good luck and please don’t put this off because you are worried what your parents will think. this is serious and it gets in the way of your life. btw i’m sixteen too..
im depressed and have an social anxiety problem, but im too scared to tell anyone?
Q: how/what can i doim too scared to tell my friends/family because they wont belive me/find it hard to believe because i pretend im happy and smile all the time to portray myself as happy and carefeebut im not
A: Relax, just do thisHaving a strong self esteem is absolutely vital in achieving success in any area of your life. The stronger and higher that your sense of self is, the more likely it is that you will not give up at the first signs of adversity. It is also more likely that you will not set the bar low for yourself when it comes to the goals and the dreams that you may have. And this is important as it will determine the quality of the life that you lead.Some people have a hard time with having a healthy self awareness. They may be looking for tips that will help to bolster their confidence and raise their sense of self. What are some of these tips?1. Exercise is important. The act of exercising will release feel good chemical within the brain also known as endorphins and the more often that you do this, the better that you will feel about life in general as well as yourself. 2. Pat yourself on the back for any past achievements that you may have. This will help you to recognize that you have been successful before and will help you to create reference points that can help support you when you feel down.3. Step outside of your comfort zones from time to time. The more often that you do this, the more confidence you will build in yourself and your ability to experience new things.These three tips are just the beginning. There are more things that you can do to help raise your self esteem levels.God Bless =)
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