How can one obtain peace

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Meditation, acceptance (death), take time for yourself away from the TV, phone, computer, etc. Go for a long scenic walk. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How does one obtain peace?
Peace needs to be attained or reached and not to be obtained. Peace comes from acceptance. Acceptance becomes easy when we learn to keep our roguish ego in check.
How does one obtain true peace?
There’s not such thing, people will always bicker and fight. During the Spanish Civil War, one of the reason the fascists won, was the in-fighting between the different socialist groups. They even fought each other in arms, instead of fight…

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who believes in the old adage the in order to obtain peace one must be prepared to go to war?
Q: How many realizes that some times one must fight to get the peace one wants. In the Bible there is a passage that says there is a time for peace and a time for war.Now is the time for war and we must fight it to be able to live in peace and hopefully so our children won’t.
A: Our countries beginning started with war. When America won the Revolutionary War, America fought for peace and freedom.Some citizens of the colonies opposed the war for independence, said war was not the answer. I am glad no one listened to those people then, and I am glad we are not listening to weak minded, cut and run liberals today.
How does one obtain peace and contentment?
Q: Would Yoga , pilates or meditation be the best route or ???
A: It helps to be a professional in some field of endeavor. It helps to have good self esteem. It really helps to be healthy. It caps it by having no hate, or resentment. What’s left is usually pretty close to peace, and content to contend.
How does one meditate effecetively, so she can obtain inner peace and have emotional stability?
Q: How does one meditate(give specific techniques, steps how to, etc please) to obtain inner peace, emotional stability, and true mindfulness and awareness?
A: One of the initiations through which we pass while in the presence of the Maharshi , is true meditation, which years of study of occult literature had assured me was the key to the awakening of supra-physical consciousness. During my allegiance to Theosophy I practised different forms of meditation in accordance with their literature. From what I have since found out, the knowledge given was for beginners.Their aim was to direct the mind into certain deliberately chosen channels of thought. There were meditations on different themes such as Beauty, Love, Purity, Wisdom, Devotion, God, The Creator of the universe and so on. The object was to keep these ideas in the mind as long as possible, and to imagine the working out of these virtues in the consciousness. Such ‘meditations’ can create certain currents of thought in the mind, conditioning it to a positive force which activates the thinking. Such exercises have a certain usefulness, for it is said:’a man is as he thinks’.In other words, the manner of a man’s thinking creates his worthiness.If he associates himself with good and positive thoughts his nature will be improved; if with negative and evil currents- he will retrograde and fall. All this is true in the relative field, but is founded on the assumption that man’s consciousness is derived from his thinking apparatus or mind.Man can elevate his mind, as do the Yogis, and perform ‘miracles’ as have many of the saints of all religions. The mind is a power, and when controlled and directed, its force and subtlety are apparently unlimited. But only apparently, for the power of the mind is based on the false notion that there is one who thinks, and an object of thought. This is the old lie of duality, and its end cannot be brought about by the ennoblement of the instrument(mind).The subject and object still exist. This conception hinders the realisation of the unreality of the outer world. And to count this as real is an insurmountable obstacle on the path of realisation of the true Self in man. So long as man’s consciousness is unable to merge in the whole, there will always be the necessity for rebirths and incarnations in matter. The bewitched circle is closed.Strangely, from the first days of my stay at the Ashram, my old mental meditations were forgotten and I could not practice them in the presence of the Master.So it still is, and for me there will be no return to those old currents of thought. Every day there is a more and more urgent inner inclination to be still, to remain without thought, to merge in the silence. The inaudible inner voice tells me that there lies the truth.Maharshi himself insisted on the necessity for meditation, but what did he mean by this term ‘meditation’? He calls true meditation ‘silence’, being still’, ‘stillness’. So it was the same power which drew me then and now.While one is immersed in water one cannot see anything above the water’s surface. The world above is veiled from sight. To gain the wider horizon one has to rise out of the water, and only then will one realise how limited was one’s former vision. So long as man is merged in the world of thought – the realm of mind- his consciousness will be bounded by its limitations.Thought must always have an object, however sublime it may be, thus there must always be two, not one.Therefore, thought and its process is a blind alley.The Master’s power released me from all desire to follow this by-path. It was simply forgotten, as mentioned before. I am not a believer in miracles. So I cannot put the help and activity of the Master into this category. But the fact remains, and that is all that matters In this manner, I came at last to the secret of true meditation. This state when I am aware of being apart from the thinking process can be called true meditation. This Awareness is the source of all Life, of that which is my life. It is the source of everything. From It alone I draw all that makes possible what I say on these pages.How can one enter this state of supra-mental meditation? Analysing the process in myself, I find that FIRST must come the stopping of all thoughts. The Vichara ripens in the mind so that interest in the thinking process vanishes, and the stilling of the mind, so difficult in the past, becomes easy.SECONDLY, when the mind is still, there arises a strong urge to be united with the whole, but what this whole is, cannot yet be conceived and I feel that I could never attain it alone. The closest comparison is melting and dissolving in That which alone Is. It is different to leaving the body or ego for there is no movement. One remains where one is, but is not what one was before. Everything that could be seen or felt before is now apart from me. No more can be told.THIRDLY, the state of unity with the whole brings an unshakable certainty that only this state is real and permanent. That it is that last refuge which one has always sought, and from which one can never more be lost.There is nothing beyond it, for – it is all.The conception that we know as ‘death’ is obliterated, but this does not mean that we are in that state thought of as ‘life after death’. The only fact one knows is , that this life will always go on.In this state of being there are no such false distinctions of time as past, present, and future.It is possible to force language to convey to the mind something of that which one brings back from such a meditation, but it is likely to be of no avail, and more likely to be misunderstood. What I can express is tragically little.There is a mysterious experience which proves the power of the Vichara. The Master insisted that we should not use it as a Mantra, that is, as words only, but soak each question with the desire to know ‘WHO AM I?’. By using the Vichara in this way, after stilling the mind, the answer comes of itself, but without words or thought- you know who you are.What follows-is inexpressibleThis is the great service which Maharshi performed for humanity-the welding of this infallible instrument of achievement, the inspired VICHARA.___________________________________”Pursue the enquiry “WHO AM I” relentlessly. Analyse your entire personality. Try to find out where the I-thought begins. Go on with your meditations. Keep turning your attention within. One day the wheel of thought will slow down and an intuition will mysteriously arise. Follow that intuition, let your thinking stop, and it will eventually lead you to the goal”.
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