How can you beat a lie detector

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Throw off the machine’s reading of the control questions by changing your blood pressure and heart rate. With practice, More? [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Refuse a polygraph test if you can. Lie detector tests are not mandatory. ・ 2 Understand that lie detection is not exact science. Many scientists call lie detection voodoo science. ・ 3 Think of the polygraph examination as an extreme in…
The lie detector is not an infallible device and as such is not conclusive in court even though many people believe it to be. IS more to influence the case. Some people may crack under it or it can show that it is blanataly obvious that the…
You know, just in case. This is actually surprisingly simple. What happens is that a polygraph measures your body’s level of physiological arousal (not that kind of arousal, get your mind out of the gutter!). Now, a trained spy or crimina…

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beat lie detector test by giving yourself pain while answering?
Q: In the movie “Ocean’s thirteen”, whatchamacallit steps on a hidden pin in his shoe to cause pain and pass the lie detector test. Does this actually work? If it is, why is that? Can any pain will let you beat the test such as biting your tongue? Just curious after watching the movie.
A: Yes, it works, but a very skilled operator can detect it. The lie-detector works by measuring your stress-response levels while answering certain questions. Then they compare these measurements from when you were know to be telling the truth and known to be lieing. If you hurt yourself sometimes while telling the truth and sometimes while lieing, it will throw all the measurements into chaos, and they won’t be able to determine anything. You can’t bite you’re tongue because you have to be hurting at the same time as you’re talking, but any sort of sharp, strong pain should work.
How do you beat a lie detector?
Q: How do you beat a lie detector AKA polygraph test? Thoughts from someone who has administered polygraphs before would be appreciated.
A: Convince yourself that you have nothing to lose. Polygraph machines measure minute changes in heart rate, perspiration and respiration that occur whenever a person lies. However if you absolutely feel that you have nothing to lose then there will be no change in any of these bodily functions when you tell THE BIG LIE. Example – you have a death row inmate who is scheduled to be executed day after tomorrow. All appeals have been exhausted and the inmate knows that he will be executed. A few days before the execution the inmate is strapped to a polygraph machine and questioned about his involvement in beating another inmate – a simple assault which, if he was not going to be executed in a few days, might result in him having to spend a little extra time in prison if convicted of the assault. If the inmate lies to the polygraph examiner when questioned about the assault the inmate will most likely not show any change in heart rate, perspiration or respiration because he knows that he is going to be executed in a few days anyway. Therefore, regardless of the outcome of this assault investigation, whether he is found guilty or not, will have absolutely no effect on him since he will be pushing up daisies in a few days anyway. So if you can convince yourself that it doesn’t matter whether or not you are caught in a lie…if you have nothing to lose by being caught in a lie, then you may just slide by. Remember also that the polygraph examiner has that big THIRD OPTION in evaluating the results of your examination…1) deceptive 2) not deceptive 3) INCONCLUSIVE. If you can convince yourself that you have nothing to lose and therefore don’t care about the outcome of the polygraph exam, that attitude may not push you into the “not deceptive” category but it may be just enough to push you into the “inconclusive” category which is just as good as “not deceptive”.By the way, should you fail the polygraph examination you can fall back on the fact that polygraph examinations are not 100% accurate and it is for that reason that they are not allowed to be used as evidence in any court, federal court or state court, in the United States.
Can you beat a lie detector test?
Q: I want to make sure that the person that I am having a lie detector test done on will not be able to beat it. Does anyone have any advice what to look for so someone can not beat a lie detector test? Or if it is even possible what do you do to beat it?
A: You can beat a lie detector test, it’s not actually a detector of lies but an emotional detector. It continually monitors physiological responses, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, breathing rhythms, body temperature and skin conductivity while the subject is asked and answers a series of questions, on the “theory that false answers will produce distinctive measurements. The polygraph measures physiological changes caused by the sympathetic nervous system during questioning.” Within the US federal government, a polygraph examination is also referred to as a psychophysiological detection of deception (PDD) examination.But the question is would you get nervous if you were in front of someone suggesting forcefully that you killed your friend or family member or whatnot? I think so. They aren’t very accurate at all, but of course eyewitness testimony isn’t even reliable, you get two witnesses they’ll have way different stories. Polygraph machines can be beaten by people that know all about the device, they know it’s an emotion detector. So they just act calm and cool, reflect on questions- but they can they make anything they want up if they can be calm and cool about it.I’ve also heard that if you don’t think you’re a good enough actor to do that you can put an upside down thumb tack in your shoe, and step on it randomly. Your results will be crazy random because of the pain so it will have to be thrown out.
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