How can you easily remember names

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A few minutes after you meet the person, say his or her name to yourself again. Connect a name to a common word you will remember. [ Source: ]
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How to Remember Names Easily
・ 1 Picture the face of the person in your mind, and then focus on each letter of the alphabet, thinking… ・ 2 Also, if you have a feeling the name you’re looking for sounds like something (a name, or a nonsense… ・ 3 Google anything you …
How to Easily Remember Names and Faces Part 1
However, this poses a great threat to people who have trouble remembering names, especially those who are frequently attending important business meetings and gatherings. More often than not, the difficulty in remembering names and face…
Can I change the name of my shortcuts to something I can remember…?
Absolutely. From the My Shortcuts page, click on the one you’d like to change, and then select the Options at the bottom of the page. Type in the new name and click save.

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Why is it that I forget peoples names easily?
Q: Why is it that I forget peoples names easily?I have a very difficult, foreign name, but people eventually learn it. I feel like a retard because I can not remember a simple American name like Mike. What the? I even forget the name of my close friends sometimes. How can I remember peoples names easily? I’m in my teens. Can it be that i let other things distract me at that moment? I should wear my glasses.
A: CUs they were not important… im sure you will remember my name if igave you one million dollars
Iam instantly forget any names,how will I exercise my brain to remember easily?
A: Picture their name written on their forehead…Associate their name w/ someone/something you know…Write their name on a sticky note & put it where it can easily be seen (a favorite I’ve just adopted)…Remind your brain to remember the name…even if you have to repeat it 3 or 4 times to get it to ‘stick’…And then there is something I only partly remember…something like…if you repeat something to your brain for x number of seconds (30?), your body will automatically carry it out…(that is close but may not be exact)…That’s all I seem to know…Good luck…
Why can’t I remember faces/names?
Q: I am dyslexic, so names are not easily remembered, but I also have a hard time remembering faces unless they look exactly like the did before. Same with directions… if things are different (ie. dark, different season, etc.) then I seem to have a hard time remembering. Anyone know if there is a disorder that would account for this and if it is treatable?
A: Maybe you have Prosopagnosia?
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