How can you prevent nervousness

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It really depends on what makes you nervous. Is it constant? Then you may have an anxiety disorder & medical treatment helps. [ Source: ]
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How to prevent nervousness?
First thing, take a long, deep breath. Okay, if you are good enough to get accepted to sing at a restaurant, then you must be a very good singer. So, just be confident in knowing that you are good. Once you can accept that and really believ…
How do you relieve nervousness?
Remember the other person is probalby just as nervous as you are.
What can I do to help prevent anxiety?
Anxiety may occur when life’s demands are greater than your ability to cope with them. Therefore, prevention means improving your coping skills or modifying the demands and expectations in your life. To prevent anxiety, try these techniques…

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How can I prevent nervousness and awkwardness when talking to someone new?
Q: Now, I’m usually a pretty shy person, but everyonce in a while, I meet new people. And I ususally get really awkward or nervous when talking in person. How can I prevent this? This is a seriously thing, it always ends friendships in my case.
A: so what???!!!!!….., keep talking, joke around, smile…..people like thous stuff….
What can I do to prevent nervousness during a presentation or speech?
Q: When I do presentations or speeches for school, I get so nervous that my heart rate skyrockets and I start shaking. What should I do?
A: pot
How can I prevent NERVOUSNESS in exams presentations and other stuff?
Q: Can you by any natural products to help.. Are there any good foods that can help…Find it hard to relax always looking at the time…..
A: Someone told me to picture evryone naked. You can try this if you want. For me I used to have this problem when aproaching girls. I would either picture myself and actually feeling like I had sooo much experience dong this. The other would be not caring. Be relaxed and don’t care wether it comes out good or bad. It works for me. Have your thoughts together and don’t really care of the outcome.
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