How can you recover a repressed memory

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You can usually only recover from a repressed memory through hypnotism, free association, relaxation training and guided imagery. [ Source: ]
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How long does it take to recover from remembering a repressed mem…?
The most honest answer is that it takes as long as it takes. She may never recover all her memories and doing so may not be necessary to get to a better place. Given her present age and the time of the abuse, she will benefit most from work…
How is hypnosis suppose to help a person with repressed traumatic…?
The idea is that if the memories are brought to light they can be dealt with, the person will understand what they are and how they are causing him/her to act. In other words, they aim to deal with the root cause, understanding that it happ…
Can Traumatic Memories Be Repressed, Then Recovered??
Some people have claimed to repress memory for a traumatic experience, only to recall the memory sometimes decades later. What am I being asked to believe or accept? Memory of a shocking or traumatic experience can be repressed for decad…

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How emotionally strainful is it for someone who is placed under hypnosis to recover “repressed memories”?
Q: I am sure they are induced into this state by being made relaxed by pleasant memories, but how emotionally strainful is it for them to recover or remember painful , frustrating or very angry situations or very shameful things, very bad things they have done ?please explain how it might be very differant after these memories are for a person to recover?and how do they change after?please explain.Thanks for your answers!what does the third answerer mean by “brought down”??please explain.
A: It could be very stressful, in fact it could be made even more distressing then the original incident. Hypnosis is not a very reliable method to recover memories. Since you are so suggestible when in a trance new false memories can easily be implanted, even accidentally. For example the nonsense about recovering past lives through hypnosis is all newly created memories. Sometimes when some one is made to believe they are remembering a past life they “re-live” the past death in excruciating detail.
Can something actually happen to you and then you actually repress the memory? How do you recover them?
Q: How do you go about recovering them?How do you know if you have any repressed memories?Does everyone have repressed memories?Are there signs or symptoms of having repressed memories? Is there anything related to the repressed memory that is manifest in your behavior so you can tell that it has something to do with a repressed memory?
A: I never tried to repress any of my recollections, but while thinking about it I believe that it must be pretty difficult. I guess you meant, wipped out, isn’t it?Someone on Yahoo! Questions asked for how to retrieve something she thinks is buried in the depths of her mind; a bad or nasty thing, seemingly.
How has recovery, of repressed memories, affected your life?
Q: Obviously, this question is for individuals, who have recovered repressed memories.
A: When I was 19 I was watching a movie about a father molesting his daughter and all of a sudden I had a flood of memories that it had happened to me. I did not remember until that moment and struggled to trust that it really happened because i couldn’t believe that I had repressed it. So I immediatly made a appointment with a counselor. I spent many years in therapy and on meds., but am grateful that I am for the most part healed from it now. It wasn’t easy by no means but worth all the time and energy it took. So to finally answer your question, It affected my whole life.
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