How can you stop depression

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There are a number of prescription drugs that can be prescribed for depression. Visit your doctor if you think you have symptoms. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Acknowledge that you are depressed. Depression is not something to be ashamed of, but you can’t start… ・ 2 Talk to a professional. Talking to a therapist about your depression is a great way to take the first… ・ 3 Consider going on …
You may need to be firm with your father, I hear over and over that parents who are doctors often think they know what’s best for their families (maybe because they don’t want to seem to have imperfect families or something) when what the f…
I don’t know about anti-depressants I personally think you should not get that but yeah thats me. talk to somebody you trust or there are help lines you can call look it up on the internet. oh and you should listen to Hold On by good charll…

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HOw does ACUPUNCUTRE work to stop DEpression and cause weight loss?
Q: Is it possible to stop depression and anxiety with acupuncture?/what about St. johns wort?does it work forweight loss?does acupuncture hurt?how does it work?…I know a lot of ?s, pls answer.
A: It doesn’t. Any minor effect acupuncture may appear to have are purely by activating the placebo response.
How Do I stop Depression When I’m PMS-ing?
Q: Every month about 2 weeks beofre my period, i have very severe depression, i’m happy one minute then sad the next. I can’t control violent urges, or even stop crying at times. What do i do? I’m afraid i might hurt someone physically or emotionaly because of it. All i want to do is be able to be normal and not cry every minute, or feel the need to do violent things. Help Me PLEASE!!
A: What you are describing may be PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), a very real and debilitating condition that can be quite serious. It’s not just “bad pms”.I had a severe case of PPD(postpartum depression) after my daughter was born, and soon after being dx’d with the PPD I was dx’d with PMDD. I was on so many meds for the PPD, however, NONE of those meds touched the PMDD, not in my case. It was a nightmare of a time. I was suicidal every month.I began taking the Yaz birth control pill back in October, and it has helped alleviate the PMDD. I no longer take any of the other meds, only an occasional Ativan.Here is an article about my personal experience………And, here is some major info regarding PMDD……Here is a link for the Yaz birth control pill website… this link you will find a way to track your symptoms to see if you may indeed have PMDD. Please talk to your gyn about your symptoms, this CAN be helped. Hang in there.
How can I stop depression from ruining my job?
Q: As always happens, I’m about to lose my job after 3 months because my depression is so debilitating I can’t get out of bed in the morning. I’m trying new treatments, but there’s no quick fix. I love my job, but employers aren’t understanding when you say “I’m depressed”. Any suggestions on how I can keep my job, or on other jobs I could do maybe from home?
A: Fix the stuff that is depressing you. Not with pills. Just go up and confront yourself. You say you love your job? well do you love your wife/ husband? do you have one? do you want one? do you have kids? did you want them? are you loving they way you were supposed to with the apt, the house, the dog??? do you want to go back to school? WHAT is BOTHERING you? FIX it. Do you not have the will? are you feeling impotent? Are you feeling inferiority complexes??? WHAT? Talk to someone. Go to therapy. You are not alone in this world with those feelings. We don’t all take pills and we have HORRIBLE days. But we don’t stop trying. when you do sadness creeps up and pins you down.
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