How did psychology come to existence

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Psychology owes its existence to a great number of philosophical thinkers including Aristotle, Plato, John Locke, and David Hume. [ Source: ]
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How did psychology come into existence?
People wondered about human rationality, and began to study it. Sigmund Freud was one of the first psychoanalysts.

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English Research Paper: How did the Nazis come into power? (examining the psychological side)?
Q: Here’s the idea: the Nazi party came into power. How did such an organization come to existence? What made people believe that Hitler was their saving grace and going to lead Germany to greatness? examples of psychological “weaponry”, propaganda, censorship, etc. how it was used, possibly a little about theories of Hitler’s own mental state. title is “Mind of Madness: Hitler’s Psychological Warfare”. i think its a pretty good title.where can i find some good sources for this? my teacher suggests (1) narrowing my topic more, and (2)talking to a professor of history and psychology. what kind of books or what kind of websites might have information along these lines?
A: There is a very good book that cover this subject matter thoughroughly.The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer.
How come psychiatry/psychology don’t teach about the spirit?
Q: Definition: psyche means the ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’Deinfition: ology means the ‘study of’ subject used as prefix.Both subjects deny the existence of a spirit and both state that they don’t know what a spirit is, never have defined what life is and only ever focus attention on labels or observable manifestations after the fact. How do these things gain acceptability when they obviously have turned the field upside down i.e. “Man is an animal and only ever will be an animal and he does not have this thing called a spirit” – surely a profession which has no real science results evident as to actual causes, shouldn’t be given credence – or am I just an uneducated anti-psych case?
A: NO, you are not a fool, but I think that you are anti-psych > and that is not a bad thing to everyone.
Why do the shallowest people always DEMAND the most sympathy?
Q: This seems to be pretty normal. Shallow people always want you to understand and sympathize with their needs and point of view to the point of bending truths and words, but they never want anything to do with you beyond entertainment or help with any of your problems when in need. Yet people with any depth seem to never make excuses for themselves or try to validate their existence through material or other people. Why is that? Where does that drive and twisted psychology come from. Seems very sociopathic although people that shallow and vindictive always claim and pretend to represent the norm in society. If they were really as shallow as they were pretending to be, they really wouldn’t need that much sympathy and validation from other people in the first place, would they. Insecurity… low self-esteem?
A: I have found that people who are like this are seeking validation because of their low self-esteem. If you take the time and sit and listen to them and empathize with their pain , they feel in a misconstrued way that you approve and accept them, this is unconsciously giving their ego a much needed boost. What they are really searching for is love, but don’t feel worthy of receiving it, probably because of past abuse issues, so they voice their pain, their fears, their being a victim, in hopes that you are the magical prince or princess that is going to rescue them from the big bad world.The individuals with depth have a wider scope of self-confidence and understanding of life in all its ups and downs, they are probably this way because they had a more solid support system when growing up, or have a genetically stronger character.The sad thing about the shallow individual is, they are their own worst enemy and their dysfunctional shadow projects itself and they pull in the nemesis of their worst scenario, which makes them a continual victim, of which they seem to thrive upon in some deranged way. I have tried to make the attempt to redirect this type and got the feeling that they rather enjoyed being pitied, rejected or scorned.
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