How do I become more sensitive

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You can be sensitive by listening to others without judging them and thinking about their needs and how you can help them. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do you become a sensitive?
I would not recommend what you are wanting to do, physic abilities are borderline morally at best and getting better at them usually means getting more into things that are on the evil side of the spiritual realm. I don’t think you want to …
My skin used to be oily, but recently it has become very dry and …?
You were using soap or alcohol-based products for your oily skin, right? My guess is that the alcohol and harsh ingredients in these products have stripped your skin, removing the natural protective layer – known as the Acid Mantle. Ordina…
How to become less sensitive?
Its really hard to change who you are and your reactions to certain things in life……You do have power over your mind, use your thoughts to change the way you think and react.

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Has anyone ever had their hearing become more sensitive during pregnancy?
Q: I’m at 35 weeks and I’ve noticed for the last 4-5 days that my hearing has become more sensitive (no hearing loss but rather the opposite.) A lot like how your sense of smell becomes more sensitive when you are pregnant. This is my third pregnancy and I’ve never had this symptom before. Anyone experienced this?
A: I think so. Everything seems a little louder to me and I get headaches easily now.
does the nipples of breasts become more sensitive and somewhat sore during pregnancy?
Q: one of my friends is 6 weeks pregnant and she is worried that her nipples have become more sensitive and somewhat sore since last 3 days. she also says that shee sometimes feels a burning sensation around her nipples and feels the touch of evev her clothes to the nipples. does this happen to most of the pregnant women? please answer…
A: Yes, it’s completely normal. For many women sore nipples and breasts are common in pregnancy. Your friend should read a book on pregnancy so she will understand better what’s happening to her body. Try “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.Good luck.
Why have my eyes become more sensitive to light lately?
Q: growing up i had bad eyesight, i was nearsighted. when i was 10 they discovered that and i wore glasses until age 13 when i got contacts. im about to be 15 now and im still wearing contacts. the weird part is that at night w/ them in i see really well, but in the day my eyes aren’t as good. i get headaches in the sun and when exposed to any bright light. they’ve become this sensitive in the last three weeks. is there something wrong?
A: Consider that you are having issues with your contacts. These could include corneal irritation from old lens, dirty lenses, damaged lenses, contact lens solution sensitivity, contact lens overwear, and others. Go see the ophthalmologist. If one of these is the problem you can get back to normal by taking care of it.
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