How do i deal with someone who is bipolar

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Find a therapist who specializes in bipolar disorder. Find a support group for people with Bipolar disorder. ChaCha Rocks! [ Source: ]
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How to deal with someone with Bipolar
Dealing with someone who suffers from Bipolar Disorder is not easy, there is no manual, and each person is different. Although being Bipolar myself it is not an easy task being Bipolar either. The number one… 40 comments advice relationsh…
How do you deal with people you don’t like?
I try to separate personal feelings from professional requirements and treat people, even though who I may not get along with personally, with professionalism. Interacting with people I do not personally like, is something that happens both…
How do I deal with someone with Bipolar Disorder?
Her behavior has nothing to do with being bipolar. She is a nasty person and would be the same without the bipolar. Bipolar does NOT cause bad behavior. People cause bad behavior and those that use Bipolar as an excuse for their bad behavio…

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How can someone deal with someone else who has Bipolar disorder?
Q: My gf has bipolar disorder, and she gets Mania often and very depressed soon after. Her “normal” isnt very often. She has hullcinations when manic. She is violent at times too. She loves sex…alot. She’s loud, and likes to bite me sometimes. And she can write insanely well, like really well. She hates to eat, and constantily thinks shes fat, and wont eat. She has a low-self esteem. She will randomly spend outrageous amounts of money on odd things too…How do I help her? Or “deal” with her?She’s on medication already, the highest dose there is actaullyIt’ll be a year for us on June 6th, and I dont want to lose her.
A: She should be taking medication. I was engaged to a man that was exactly like that. The sex was amazing but usually followed by an unprovoked blow-up and him storming off and me wondering what I did wrong! He refused to take his medication, so I refused to marry him. Have her talk to her psychiatrist or personal physician. I wish you the best of patience.
How can you deal with someone who is bipolar and verbally abusive.?
Q: I realize he has a serious mental condition he can’t control, and I don’t think he realizes or remembers the tirades he has, but I do and they are hurtfull. I try to remember he’s sick but I can’t be understanding much longer it’s like living with Jeckyl and Hyde. He can be very sweet then something sets him off and he’s a different person and I don’t think he even remembers it. I want to help him but love and compassion don’t help neither do drugs because when he’s manic he doesn’t even want to hear about taking meds, so I just let him rant and rave. Should I leave and let him fend for himself? He keeps saying he’s going to leave but doesn’t and if he does I will really worry about him on his own.My thanks to all of you for your answers. Nice to know I’m not alone in this. I can’t pick a best answer, they are all the best as far as I’m concerned. Unfortunately I have been with this man for 25 years, some good some bad and this is the hardest decision I have had to make. I just wish it was like those people who come out of a coma after years but judging by these answers the consensus is to leave but I’m scared for him not for him, I’m a strong maybe more stubborn person but it’s so hard to give up, sometimes he’s my best friend sometimes my worst enemy. But thanks again it helps to hear from everyone. God Bless You all.
A: LEAVE: it only get’s worse & you can’t fix him.
How do you deal or live with someone who is BIPOLAR???
Q: Runs in the family & have friends
A: It’s rough. There are no easy answers. People with bipolar or other mental disorders need a diagnosis, treatment, and support. Without these, these people can be insufferable – I know because I’m bipolar! Best of luck to you.
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