How do I erase my memory

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Amnesia refers to the loss of memory. Memory loss may result from two-sided (bilateral) damage to parts of [ Source: ]
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I am wanting to erase all memory and programs from my PC. How can…?
– i think it is imossible to make you pc fast, if it is slow in the first place like if you have a slow processor or has less than a gb of memory. it is a hardware impossibility. – but if your pc was fast before, then you need to regularly …
How can i erase a memory?
It’s good that you took the first bold step in realizing it’s time to end the grief once and for all. Realize you’re a human being and it’s impossible to forget things that hurt you so much. You can’t utterly erase the memory. But you can c…
Can hypnotherapy erase a traumatic memory?
I think that hypnotherapy can definately help. It may not “erase” a traumatic memory, but it can help you put it in a place in your mind, in a context, where you can deal with it. Like adding perspective, so that you get a higher …

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How do i erase the memory stored in a search bar like google?
Q: I’ve been looking at naughty things…how do i erase memory from the search bar so it doesn’t pop up when people go to search for something?ex..if someone starts to type in les (like lesson); I don’t want “Lesbian Porn” to pop up:Pshilo9i–I don’t need your criticism. I’m an adult. Just because you’re not comfortable with your sex life to try different things, doesn’t mean other people are not.
A: go to “tools” and then “delete browsing history”or if you have firefox, go to tools and then “clear private data”
How long does it take for Iphone to erase memory?
Q: Ok I just baught an Iphone 2g from somebody and it had a lot of junk that I did not want, so I went to the restart page an started erasing all the memory. Now the problem is that its been erasing the memory for almost 12 hours already, it just shows the apple logo and a little circle.. I already pushed the home button and the top button to restart it but all that does is turn it off, and when I turn it on the same thing starts happening.I called apple and they said it has no warranty, any advice?
A: is it jailbroken??? you might need to do a restore on iTunes, just plug in the phone, iTunes will read it altho its ion the death ring and apple logo, you should be able to restore but note that that will make it erase everything and start from scratch, if not DFU Mode restore is your next step, go to iClarified for a tutorial, it sounds thats what you might need.Good luck.
how do i totally erase memory of old lap top and start over?
Q: want to totally erase memory of del latitude and start as new, is this possible
A: Your memory is ‘erased’ each time you power down the computer. If you want to start over (format your hard drive) you just need to re-install Windows with your installation/recovery disc.
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