How do I find out the meaning of my dream

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What does my dream mean?
We feel the answer to the meaning and full value of specific dreams cannot be adequately handled online at this time. However, we respect many of the different viewpoints and traditions of dream interpretation and support studies in this ar…
What is the meaning of this dream?
This dream doesn’t indicate anything’s terribly wrong, but it is a bit of a warning. Being on stage is about performance. Being on the edge of the stage means you’re not willing to really put yourself out there and be on display; the fact t…
Do dreams have meaning?
Although scientists continue to debate this issue, most people who work with their dreams, either by themselves or with others, find that their dreams are very meaningful for them. Dreams are useful in learning more about the dreamer’s feel…

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Can you help me find out the meaning to my dream?
Q: I recently had a dream that I was in the passenger seat of a car. There were 3 other people in the car who I don’t remember/don’t know. All of the sudden the car goes off of a pier and into the water, we start to sink extremely fast, but the car doesn’t fill with water. Then we are saved by a Navy ship and had to finish out a deployment with them.I just really want to know what the car driving off the pier and sinking means.
A: Your dream shows that there are some problems around you which are haunting you and fear you , Heed on and resolve this.Secondly , heart palpitation abrupt sometimes also during sleep. so one feels sinking
I had a dream where i was slowly getting clues to find out the meaning of life and then a tornado ripped the?
Q: house in half.and for some reason the house was floating on water.What can this dream mean?The person doesn’t hate you, the person hates me. Stupid gorilla.
A: This dream tells me that you feel you are interrupted when you’re trying to do/say something important.
I need to find out the meaning of a dream?
Q: My best friend has been talking to me about her abusive stepdad and ever since she started talking about it a week ago, she has been having a recurring dream every night twice a night. Now shes too scared to go to sleep. In the dream, shes standing in her room and her stepdad comes in and starts hitting her. He then throws her onto the bed, undresses and rapes her. What does it mean and how can she stop the dreams?
A: No offense, but sometimes dreams don’t mean anything. That dream may be from her brain and her mind made it up because she is so tired or because she doesn’t like this issue etc.
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