How do I get my mind out of the gutter

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Some would suggest that the best way to get your mind out of the gutter is to set you sight on the stars. Just ask Cha Cha!! [ Source: ]
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Can you get your mind out of the gutter and answer these??
・ 1. What does a woman do sitting down, that a dog does on three legs, and a man does standing up? (Shake … ・ 2. What is a four letter word, ending with “k,” that means intercourse? (Talk) ・ 3. What is so long, and so hard,…
How can I get my mind out of the gutter and find my center??
From a woman’s point of view, our automatic response is “potential relationship?” and if the guy is just ogling, and not registering that you are an actual person with a brain, then yes, it’s a problem. It doesn’t feel great to h…
How can I help this pervert get his mind cleaned out and stay out…?
Why’s he doing it? Does he have an addiction or does he simply not find you attractive. If it’s an addiction he can’t break try helping him to break out of it by seeing a health professional. If he’s not attracted to you and you can’t live…

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What exactly does a woman think she is saying when she tells a man to get his mind out of the gutter?
Q: When she displays by her clothing and dress that she needs attention to her attractiveness and he hints about getting with her, is that a response of a real woman. How is being sexually stimulated by an attractive display having a dirty mind? Or does she really consider her ravishing looks and embrace to be as one that stepped in the gutter to be with her?
A: Women need to advertise and not seem slutty, so what they can say that make men seem evil minded when they have decided in seconds, that they do not consider having sex with certain suitors they may find not up to their standards. They often go for men that others would see as homely as well as the ‘dapper Dans’ So if you are a handsome jack lady killer, you may still be called a sleaze. Young girls are eager and often fickle, but the older woman has matured and adjusted and will be more understanding of the fragile male ego.
Get your mind out of the gutter?
Q: Where does the phrase “Get your mind out of the gutter” come from? How did that ever start?
A: Gutters are dirty, and if you’re thinking about something with a dirty mind, well, clean it up.
How can I help this pervert get his mind cleaned out and stay out of the gutter?
Q: He keeps acting out every few months like clockwork almost. Masturbating (not having sex with me), talking dirty to girls online, looking at craigs list ads (perverted ones). etc. I am tired of being lonely and bored. He seems to be genuinely concerned about his issues but yet is having a hard time confronting them. We need help! He has really good health insurance too. What should I do next? Leave or try and help him?
A: He’s repressing something and it’s boiling over. I’d send him to a therapist.
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