How do I get myself to focus

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Write out a list of tasks you want to accomplish. Get rid of distractions, including the internet and IM. Above all, be organized. [ Source: ]
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How can i get myself to focus on doing my study?
First go to a room where you don’t have the computer. I believe you can study with the help of books and don’t need computer to study, unless your study demands so. Eat healthy and stomach full, so that you don’t feel hungry and end up eati…
How can I get myself to focus? I’m too lazy!
Is it possible for you to combine all or some important elements of the two stories/books? If so hit two birds with one stone and write one book that satisfies both needs.
How can I get myself to study and focus!
Heavy exercise is great to prepare for studying, especially something as arcane as CPA tests. Work out for at least an hour and a half as hard as possible. Get a shower and then sit down to study. You will be lucid, patient and focused for …

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How can I make myself focus?
Q: I procrastinated all summer on reading a 300 page book, and making annotations and crap, for Pre-AP English, and tomorrows the first day. I’ve been working on it all night but I’m really tired and I need a way to make myself focus. Red bull just isn’t doing the trick anymore :/ If you answer, thank you!No shit don! 😀 haha
A: You needed to focus a couple of months ago.Love and blessings Don
What should i do to focus myself on studying instead of cutting classes just to have fun outside the campus?
Q: I want to focus myself on studying but i can’t resist the temptations that pushes me to cut my classes or just to hang out with my friends.Please help me cause i want a new me in this new year.not just for a change,but for my future also.Thanks
A: You’ve already answered your question.The answer depends on YOU. YOU need to develop self-discipline.There is no real training for this, except to DO IT. There are no tricks or shortcuts — YOU need to develop a sense of self-discipline.If you were in the military, they would develop it by strict scheduling and massive punishments for doing wrong. Since you are NOT in the military, YOU need to develop your own methods.The first is to stick to the schedule. School time is school time. You DO NOT play around during school time. When the clock says you are in class, then you ARE in class, awake, aware, sober, and ready to learn.You ALSO set aside a specific time EACH day for study — at least one hour, possibly two, even more. No frineds, no games, no entertainment until the homework is done.Also, you need some new friends. If the friends you are hanging with now do not actively support your decision to study, then get some new friends who will. People who keep you from achieving life goals are NOT freinds, they are enemies, who are using you for their own entertainment, and they are not really interested in your personal well being.And finally, the punishment. There is no way you can punish yourself. NO ONE can punish themselves and make it hurt like it needs to.But you CAN understand that your failure to develop the necessary sefl-discipline NOW will garner its own punishment later. If you flunk out of school, you will NOT be able to achieve the career you want (unless, of course, your hearts desire is to drive a garbage truck), and that means that you will not have the income you want, and that measn yo will not be able to continue partying like you are used to. So whatever you do now, you WILL pay for it later. You will either be punished with a poor job and low income, or rewarded with a decent job, acceptable income, and a good life with plenty of time for proper enjoyment.Ultimately, it is ALL up to you. There are no tricks, no shortcuts.JUST DO IT! Get your s–t together, learn to concentrate, and get rid of those distracting friends.
How do I just focus on myself and not guys all the time?
Q: I’m 18, not a virgin, and I have sex fantasy’s pretty often.I had 2 bfs and now that I’m single I feel very bored n depressed. What should I do to get back on my feet and focus more on myself than guys and become more independent?
A: I know what that feels like…once you have something and lose it, it’s hard to deal with it and get back to being yourself and independent. You have to realize though that this is temporary, you WILL be in another relationship eventually, and maybe this is good for you to have some time to refocus on yourself. Maybe look for a job or if you have one already try to get more hours so you’re preoccupied and don’t get bored, plus more money. Try taking some time for yourself every once in awhile….make time to get your hair done, put on makeup just for the hell of it to make you feel good, go shopping, get something for yourself you normally wouldn’t (because you’re worth it!)…take time alone to watch a good movie, make popcorn, snuggle with a pillow…do your nails, buy those face masks, start a good book….Take time to yourself because you have to know that you are important, you are worth it, and you don’t to have a guy in order to be happy with yourself. It’s normal to be situationally depressed, meaning things will look up soon and you’ll be back to feeling like your normal self…But if you feel you’re depressed, if it’s a little bit beyond just this situation, maybe you’d want to look into talking to someone about it…It’s ok to get help if you need it…If depression is where you feel this is going, that’s something you have to address, because you don’t want to fall into something so negative. I hope this is just situational depression for you, and if it is, take time to yourself and make yourself feel good. You can be an independent woman without needing to depend on a guy…They can rarely be depended on anyway. Good luck 🙂 x
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