How do i get rid of anger

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Simple relaxation tools, such as deep breathing and relaxing imagery, can help calm down angry feelings. Good luck! [ Source: ]
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・ 1. try to scream in a pillow ・ 2. take some ice cubes and trow them at a brick wall or anything that cant be damaged band if your angry … ・ 3. Write in your diary about them (if it is a person) or read. ・ 4. draw a picture of the pers…
・ Calm down. Before your anger gets the best of you, take it down a notch. The neurological process that… ・ Avoid the temptation to vent. People are commonly advised to act out their aggression by doing things… ・ Lighten up. Many times,…
Dear Angry Girl, Hi there. Been there in your position and nothing hurts like being lied to about HONESTY when you value it with your life. The way I deal with it all the time is to write myself a letter and just go crazy in the letter/jour…

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How can i rid rid of anger in tennis when its about to tear my game apart?
Q: Im a pretty good player and i hit the ball hard but when i verse people that slice or hit it back high and consistatly i get really angry and end up beatting myself. how can i control the anger and get rid of it completely. i can stop it in the short term but by the end of the match it builds up and takes over.
A: Take as much hard energy as you put into your game.Into control.its a lot of series thought. Be patient with yourself It took a long time to learn the anger.But sure enough youll start to see some really good stuff from the work,and its last forever.
How do you get rid of anger in your heart?
Q: I was fired from my job last year for what I thought were trivial reasons. I had been at that job for at least 5 years and was always a hard worker. I missed a few hours and was fired. Anyways, when my boss fired me I shook his hand, wished him well and left. I still feel anger at him inside me sometimes though. It is unwanted anger though. What is the best way to get rid of it?Thanks Johnny
A: I had to leave a job I loved and felt the job would never let me reach my full potiential as an employee there. I was there for 7 years and the anger in my heart for some of the staff was heavy. I had to accept their policies first,move on to another job, pray for that company and keep an open mind I was a good employee and I was worthy of getting the best form another company. That was 1 1/2 years ago, I still have an open communication with some of the staff because I may have to cross their paths and need them one day.Also, I didn’t want my heart so hard I couldn’t love or be able to be loved, because that’s what a harden heart does.
How do you get rid of anger?
Q: Both of my parents have huge anger problems, making me have them, too. Lately, my boyfriend has been telling me that I need to fix them, but it just seems impossible to me. He thinks it’s easy, since he’s been able to do it, but I haven’t. My anger is genetic (anger and saddness and happiness can be genetic, can’t they?), therefore it’s a lot harder for me to get rid of. What is the best ways to get rid of anger, before and while you’re angry?
A: I think my method should work fine, Let’s say if another person during the day caused your anger what you will do now is take 10 deep breaths and clear your mind, if this doesn’t happen to work take this into mind: If you choose to release your anger on this person (and you really want to because they did something bad to you lets say) realize that by releasing your anger on them they will then in return release more anger on you and the ending is result is MORE anger.So it payed off just to let the whole thing slide and do NOTHING, Now I understand it’s not always going to be possible once in a while you might blow up but for the most part it won’t happen if you keep my advice in mind.Good Luck.
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