How do i stop getting mad so easily

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Healthy expression of anger involves confrontation of what makes you angry and an effort to set boundaries. Healthy anger is MORE? [ Source: ]
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How do i stop myself from getting mad so easily at my boyfriend??
My bf and i use to do that same in the beginning of our relationship. Then one day we sat and talked about things that get us very mad and stuff. After that we haven’t had an arguments or problems. You must talk to ur bf in order to avoid t…

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How can I stop getting mad easily?
Q: I’m always upset at my mom or my dad because they won’t stop aggravating me. They won’t even let me swim in an in ground pool because they are scared I might drown when I’m a great swimmer!!!! I get mad at them and tell them that they get me mad as well and I usually end up getting grounded. They won’t let me have any freedom and they said that I can’t hang out with my friends until my attitude changes!!!!!!! But they make me so ticked off all the time there is no way I can change!!! Help?
A: omg! my parents are just like that! they said they wouldn’t let me get my ears peirced till i turned eighteen! they cracked a couple weeks ago, five months after i turned thirteen. i’ve learned to get them to agree to things by waiting till they are both in good moods and presenting things to them in a polite fact based presentation. trust me it works almost every time. as for managing your anger knobodys perfect. i have had sooooooo many screaming and yelling fights with my parents. just do your best to keep calm then go for a bike ride or jog. if you are really angry go to your room and punch a pillow, write a hate note, or take your anger out on a piece of clay. if you screw up and yell at them don’t worry about it they’ll notice the improvement and stop grounding you.
How can you become more positive or stop getting mad/sad too easily?
Q: I’ve been fighting a lot with the people I love and one reason is that I’m provoked and sensitive so I get mad and sad easily. Is there a way to stop that or become more positive?
A: When you feel a yourself turning into the Hulk, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. If you feel you can’t talk without yelling, just say so and leave the room. It’s better to calm down first before working out a problem. To cheer yourself up or cool your temper try exercising, (walking, jogging, lifting weights, biking, ect.), cooking, or watching your favorite comedy. The main point is to transfer your negative energy into something positive. If you feel you really need to rip at someone, yell at an inanimate object (you can’t hurt a pillow’s feelings) or write it out in a letter (just don’t send it). You’ll get your frustrations out without hurting someone or getting into a fight. Hope these tips help!
How do I stop getting so mad easily?
Q: I get mad over little things, I am made fun of and people don’t like me because of it. I want to not get so mad. HELP!!!!
A: Okay, You may have heard some of these before:1. Try breathing in and out slowly and deeply.2. Count to ten slowly in your head.3. Look upwards. This engages the visual, not emotional part of your brain.4. If you feel yourself about to get mad think about what will happen if you do and how people will react. Think the situation through and instead of getting mad, think of a better way to respond to it.5. Before you go to sleep at night, try some calming exercises like meditating or aromatherapy.Hope it helps. =D
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