How do I stop my best friend from cutting

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Here are some things that you can try to help a friend who cuts: Talk about it. Tell someone. If your friend asks you to…MORE? [ Source: ]
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It all depends. Different people do this for different reasons. Some for attention, some for ignorance or just to “fit in”, some to release an even greater pain that they feel which is trapped inside them (you can’t necessarily se…
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What happens is… ・ 1. You cry. ・ 2. You try to convince yourself that you are better off without them… ・ 3. ..but then you start rationalizing it, thinking maybe it’s not such a big deal if you can just work … ・ 4. then, either you co…
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This is a bad question for me because my two best friends from grade school are still my best friends. One I met when I was ten, and even though I left the state for 8 years and we now have so little in common that if we met as adults we pr…

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how do you stop a friend from cutting?
Q: I need help and fast, I need help I need to stop my friend from cutting himself plain out as in stop 4ever. it’s hard. i need help and if i stop him cut without telling his parents then we will stop for real.
A: Try talking to him. Tell him how you feel and that you are concerned. Let him know that you want him to stop.If you are really concerened, and he doesn’t stop then I would tell someone older. He really needs help, because it can get too serious.I have been in this situation, only i was your friend, and my friends were you. They talked to me, but ended up telling my god-mother (who I live with), and she got me help, and other adults that cared helped out. with all the help, and therapy I got through it, and am thankful today for what my friends did. He can come back from it though, don’t loose faith.Good luck!
how do i help my best friend stop cutting herself?
Q: i have a friend named casey and she cuts herself. i tell her to stop and she just doesnt listen. im starting to think she is turning goth or emo. im one of her good friends and i really want to stop her from hurting herself even more. anything will helpthanks
A: Tell their mama.
How do you help a friend stop cutting their selves if they do?
Q: Alright so, my friend cuts herself. And I want to know what I can do to help her stop. Can anyone give me some tips?
A: I know that everyone says that you have to tell someone, but as her friend you should probably try talking to her first.Its an embarrassing thing which could make matters worse if she feels that her problems are becoming public knowledge. Being her friend, maybe you can find out why she cuts and go from there. If her reason is something that you honestly believe that you can help with, thats great.But if not, then you probably should tell someone about it. Its all about who you tell. Most people don’t know how to handle the news that someone is cutting themselves so they end up flipping out on the person that cuts. A counselor or teacher or someone that can look at the situation without being too opinionated because they know her.Good luck with everything and trust your instincts as much as you can.
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