How do know when someone is lying

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People who lie usually shoot a look up to their left or right looking as if they are deep in thought. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How to Know When Someone is Lying
・ 1 Note the speaker’s demeanor by asking a non-threatening, general question. Observe how the speaker… ・ 2 Listen to the speaker’s tone of voice, pace of speech, and chosen words. A change in one or more is… ・ 3 Watch the speaker’s bod…
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how do you know someone is telling a lie?
Q: how do you know if someones cheating?
A: Sometimes they will do things like buy new clothes and go out with friends without you, or hide phone numbers or other things. They might start to ignore you or get grouchy with you or find fault with you. They will avoid communicating and eye contact. These symptoms could mean that there’s something else wrong in the relationship or problems at work, but I would start to get a little suspicious.
How can I tell when someone is lying or guilty?
Q: Sometimes, when I ask someone a question, I can’t tell if they’re lying for not. Are there any ways to tell when someone is lying?
A: I don’t think that there is any way to tell accomplished liars know very well how to look innocent and innocent people very often look guilty if asked hard questions or fidget if they are uncomfortable with the conversation.I have a friend who always puts her finger on her nose when she lies which isn’t often – like a childhood anti Pinocchio nose ruse.I think maybe the best way is to know someone very well over time and see if you judge them to be an honest person.
How can you tell when someone is lying?
Q: What are some signs, body language, or signals that someone is lying to you?How would you confront that person when he/she was lying to you?
A: When you feel it and when their lips are moving and they smile too much and they fidget with their hair and on and on until you could just scream and the story changes every 5 minutes There! Just walk off and laugh
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