How do optical illusions work

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Optical illusions are attributed to either the visual perceptions or our intellectual interpretations. ChaCha at ya [ Source: ]
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Optical illusions are when your eyes play tricks on you. sometimes you have a blind spot, other times your brain will only see one thing at a time. no..i did a report on optical illusions and they are when you eye can play a trick on you bu…
Optical illusions work by tricking your eyes into seeing something that your brain thinks that they see. They are also fun puzzles that can be formed using these optical illusions.
Optical illusions alter what we already know, it’s sort of like you expect to see something but when you see it it’s not “right” and so you get confused, of course a picture itself is an optical illsusion since it shows us a sense…

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what are the conditions necessary for optical illusions to work?
Q: I’m doing a maths project on optical illusions.can you please give me a site where i can find out the list of conditions necessary for the illusions to work?
A: y dont u go to doesn’t mean u hv to look at that page only…there are many pages regarding the topic as u can see
How do optical illusions work?
Q: Hello,I’m doing a school science fair,and I would like to do a project about optical illusions.I would like to know why the eye is fooled by many optical illusions.I am at KS3 level and am nine!!!!(My brother let me use his account :))
A: They trick your eyes by misleading it.your eye is used to seeing certain things and when it sees something in a context its never seen it in before it can easily get tricked into seeing something else.auditory illusions are just as interesting.check this out this is a auditory version of the famous neverending stairway this is a good might make you understand optical illusion better.good luck 🙂
How optical illusions work?
Q: I’m doing a science project on optical illusions and my teacher said i needed a lot of research on the subject. can you please give me links to websites that will help!! Thanks!!
A: Here is a link about optical illusions. Check it out!
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