How do u stop talking in class

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To refrain from talking in class, you could try taking notes (or doodling) to keep yourself distracted. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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How can I stop talking in class?
I would say you and I both share a common trait. I use to get sent out all the time in my AP+ classes in high school my freshman year because of this. But honestly I would say put a little more effort into the subject matter. And when you f…
What are some ways to get students to stop talking during class.?
My school had a 5-component listening policy: Eyes watching Ears listening Mouth closed Feet on the floor Hands quiet or in lap Each teacher had a poster in the classroom showing a child listening correctly, with the five components labeled…
How do you stop talking in class when im not supposed to??
You just have to get control of yourself and stop talking you could put buct tape over your mouth

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How to stop talking in class and start ignoring other people?
Q: I have this problem in class. There is this guy in class named Kobe. He won’t stop talking to me and whenever I tell him to stop I get in trouble. Plus, I kinda have a problem myself. I can’t stop talking to other people. I have already learned to ignore people who call my name. but now they won’t stop until i answer. Please HELP!
A: Haha, i have the same problem. I mean, i talk ALLL the time. I never stop. So what i do, is i start to participate and talk in the class. Answer the teachers questions and get into discussions. THat way i can talk and learn at the same time.Well, if you want them to stop talking ask them after class. Tell them that you are trying to pay attention in class and ask them to ask you afterwards if they need anything. They should respect that. Even though i am sure you will have some jackasses who keep bugging you.But another thing. Its not really a big huge BAD deal if you get in trouble. What is it.. like a detention? Not a big deal, or if you get yelled at… who cares? I mean, if its just a few times, no big deal. DOnt make a habit out of it though..Somthing that i have noticed is that teachers or coaches, they act really really mad and YELL at you, so that your afraid that if you do ONE thing wrong then you will get in trouble. But the only reason they yell is because that is the only way that we listen. They are usually pretty nice people. Nothing really to worry about in the end.GOOD LUCK though, i hope that i helped you out!
What can I do to get my 6 yr old to stop talking in class???
Q: He’s in Kindergarten and he has been moved to 3 different tables b/c he won’t stop talking in class. Sometimes he doesnt even finish his assignments b/c he is too busy talking. He’s always been a talker, even at home we have to tell him “it’s quiet time, no talking for 15 minutes” to get him to be quiet. What are some tactics I get do to get him to understand that there are rules he HAS to follow in class?Well, we have taught him about listening more, but the other day I asked him if he knew what “listen” meant. He said no. So I explained to him that listening is two things: Hearing what your teacher wants you to do AND doing it. I explained that there is a time for everything under the sun and while he is in class it’s time to listen to your teacher and follow class rules. I gave examples of me driving what would happen if I ‘broke the rules’ and ran a red light, what would happen? To try to get him to understand the importance of rules and WHY we have to follow them. I am hoping that this will help him. Thanks for your support for those that made a real comment that tried to help my situation.
A: That’s funny because I used to be the same way when I was his age. My mom even bought me a cork as a joke when I wouldn’t stop talking at the store. I think I still have it……anyways, sit him down and have a talk with him. Make sure you do all the talking and if he tries to interrupt you, tell him to raise his hand. Do you see where I am going with this now? The basic point is to get him used to the norm that he shouldn’t talk when other people are talking and that if he wants to talk aloud, then he should raise his hand to speak.I know what you’re thinking, “He doesn’t have a problem with speaking out of turn, just speaking when he needs to be quiet”. I understand what you mean I just want you educate him on waiting to speak and letting others speak. It’s kind of like potty training except not quite as dirty on both ends of the spectrum.If you can, would you please put a few more details up. It will help in aiding you more effectively.I hope I could be of some help to you.
How to get my 3 1/2 year old to stop talking during class time and playing?
Q: My son is 3 1/2 year old and he has been coming home with bad reports saying he is talking and playing during class time. I have try taking away the TV and not let him go and play outside any time he comes home with a bad report. What else could I do at home to help him improve his behavior. It is not fun knowing that your soon is not behaving in school. Any advice please.
A: he is 3 1/2. he should be talking and playing. what Nazi run daycare is your kid going to? I’d switch.
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