How do you cheer people up

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Music is a great way to cheer people up. Ryan Adams has a song called Chin Up, Cheer Up. Jokes or a day out sightseeing helps. [ Source: ]
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How to Cheer People Up
・ 1 Tailor your approach. Consider the personality and circumstances behind the needed cheer session. Is… ・ 2 Provide a distraction. For example, take your uncle Jim out to eat to help ease the pain of being lonely… ・ 3 Send something s…
What is the best way to cheer people up?
There is no best way that can apply to everyone, it just depends on the individual. I do have some suggestions, but I can’t say if any of them are the best for your friend. One way to cheer people up is to just be there, the simple company …
What do you do to cheer people up?
encourage to do again really quick and try to help, or you will be trying to cheer him up again tomorrow after a zero for no work…. at least he can’t say the dog chewed it up! have a funeral for the computer.?.ha ha

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How do you cheer up people with personality disorders?
Q: A very good friend of mine has a personality disorder. She has struggled wtth cutting for 10 years, reacts oddly to certain things, and has issues trusting people. She gets really really sad and upset sometimes, and even I can’t cheer her up. She’s fabulously smart and absolutely great when she’s not having one of her “mood swings….”Any help??Um, wow, of course she doesn’t want me to just go away. I’ve helped her through a lot of crap. We’re really close and therefore it IS my business.
A: There’s no easy way. Be there, be patient, don’t be judgmental. There’s no magic way to cheer her up, but it’s nice to know that there’s someone she can talk to. She needs professional help, and I’m sure she’s very grateful to have you around.
Why when your depressed do people try to cheer you up by saying other people have it worse?
Q: When your depressed sometimes people will say cheer up you’ve got it better than a lot of people. Why would it make me happy that there are more problems or even more depressed people in the world?
A: because they usually dont understand that depression is not a state of psychology, is a stateof biology, ie its your brain that is the problem, not your frame of mindandthat they are just wanting to help make you feel better, they dont really knwo what else to say, so they say what they know, and thats what they know
Do you try to cheer people up when they are down ? What methods do you use to cheer people up ?
Q: I try to use comedy to cheer people up. If you can make someone laugh they can forget about their worries for a while.
A: i do. i try and ask them what wrong and then i would make them laugh by doing something stupid or saying something random
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