How do you control your emotions

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Bottling your feelings is a form of coping by denial and can have long-term physical and mental effects to your overall well being [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Identify the emotions you need to control. If you are prone to angry flare-ups, then find coping mechanisms… ・ 2 Focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly to help reduce your heart rate and bring more oxygen… ・ 3 Use visual…
・ Put your emotions into a “box theory”. This is when you get whenever you feel sad or hyper. Make an imaginary… ・ Control your emotions mentally. Mental control is the best if you are remembering a situation or are… ・ Start t…
to control your emotions avoid putting yourself in situations where you get the bad stick of the deal. don’t always be the one who puts themself out there to get hurt. don’t always try to be everybody’s freind.

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Can you control your emotions in the same way that you make willful decisions?
Q: Can you control your emotions in the same way that you make willful decisions?
A: you ask me as a person? – my answer is NO. emotion jumpsup instantly, thinking and wilful decisions this a general question? – i still think the answer is NO. thereare people who jump to decisions very quickly, but still theemotional reaction comes first and may cause a very poorwilful decision, the thinking process in order to find a goodwilful decision takes longer – unless you are a genius.
How do you learn to control your emotions better?
Q: My emotions get in the way of a lot of times. Like, when I’m dealing with a difficult situation I want to learn to control my anger. Or when I’m angry I don’t want to start crying (I tear up when I’m furious).How do I control this?
A: A task that will take some effort, but very wise for you to want to accomplish…Let’s go for it!!!First, you have to understand that all emotions are based in two…either love or fear. Angers & negative feelings like it, are fear-based. Seems to also be causing you alot of frustration, yes?Next, you have to understand that every situation placed in front of you is an opportunity to define yourself.. You have taken the biggest step in admitting that you no longer wish to be seen as an easily angered & emotionally uncontrolled person…Great! So, what kind of person do you want to reflect??? Take your answer to this question & ponder it deeply…examine what it is you are fearful of in an experience of being angery. When you feel that anger welling up inside you, this is when you stop…stop the whole ordeal right then & there…no matter what…this is when you can grab the control box…excuse yourself & go to the bathroom…take a deep breath & remember your goal…Who do you want to be right now??? Take another deep breath, maybe even do a few stretches…reach way up & fold yourself down–close your eyes & stretch your arms up again, bring them down bending them to your chest, with palms out push away from you all that you used to be & let the new you shine . Look in the mirror & smile…leave the bathroom with your new attitude & perspective of the situation…take charge as that…let others involved know what you are doing…this will give everyone new perspective of what’s occurring & ease the tensions & angers .Once you accomplish this even once, you will be so aware of it in future experiences, & it gets easier & easier from there. This is just a basic How-to…put your creativity in gear & find what works best for YOU…this is all about YOU…and I wish you courage & much success in doing so…Good Journey, Love!!!
Is there an easy way to control your emotions?
Q: Lately my emotions have been getiing out of control. Yelling at my friends for no reason, giving good friends the cold shoulder, or just not even allowing myself to stop and think to myself. What is the cause of this and how can I stop it?GIRLS ONLY!!: i know its not my period bc it doesn’t start for another few weeks and I don’t usuallt get this moody.
A: Well, you kind of answered your own question- YOU have to allow yourself time to stop and think. Anytime you are tempted to respond in an undesirable manner, stop and think about the words you are going to say. Stop and consider why you are upset and if it is for a legitimate reason, like stress, take steps to relieve that stress. You’re not doing yourself any favors by being out of control- you’ll lose friends, lose respect of family, get fired from your job, etc etc, It’s all up to yopu though- YOU must make the decision to change or continuing down a path like that will be terrible.
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