How do you end obsessive thinking

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One must recognize that irrational thoughts are a part of the human brain. Learning to focus on rational thoughts and MORE?ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How to Put an End to Obsessive Thoughts
For now, we will use it to mean “thoughts that come up over and over again.” You can’t alter the thought itself the way we dealt with images in the previous step, but you can reduce (and even get rid of) the occurrences by learning how to p…

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help with obsessive thinking and sexual repression?
Q: Sorry that this is so long-About 2 years ago, I was going through a strange phase (which didn’t last very long at all) where I thought it would be good to get more experience with women as a 21 year old male. Although I’m saving sex for marriage, I wanted to go out and try to be more outgoing and see if I was missing anything. I ended up going to a bar and getting drunk.I kissed a woman, and later stuck one my hands down in her pant ( we were both sitting down so I couldn’t have got too far) and touched her bottom. About a year after, I started obsessing over the event and made myself sick thinking about how this may have effected this woman, calling myself a monster and terrible person.I still haven’t been able to tame this problem and still have troubles with repetitive thoughts about it which sometimes are extremely frustrating. I am not a bad person and I am not some sort of sexual predator or deviant. I just was going through a phase and was very akward I suppose. She didn’t do anything to show me she didn’t want me and had friends around so I assume she wasn’t frightened or anything (that and I had being talking to her and her friends for a while). I remember at one point I got up adn went inside and one of her friends ran into me and said ‘you are the one who stuck your tounge down my friend’s throat?’ I was thrown off I guess and just said ‘ no…’ and she shook her head yes. In my head I seem to think that she told me I should leave after that but I cannot be sure if this was real or implanted in my head afterwards when I was at my worst of depression.Please tell me what you think and what you think would help me along. There is no way to meet up with this woman again ( fyi she was at least my age (21 at the time) but likely older). So i cannot apologize to her in person reasonably, and it happened almost two years ago. One of my worst obsessions was posting a similar question to this on YA to make sure that other people didn’t view me as a monster as I did/do. It’s as if two voices are in my head- my normal and my obsessive one that cannot drop this.I am just so afraid that she may have been frightned or felt violated by me kissing her and putting my hand in her pant… I just feel absolutly terrible, and I honestly didn;t mean any harm by my actions. I think about it 24/7 and can never give myself a break.. i feel like I don’t deserve itI still do drink, and although I think that had to do with the problem of losing inhibitions, it was my motivation to see if i was missing anything in the whole’ go out to a bar and make out with people’ scene that most of my peers had experience that had driven me to do what i did. Drinking may appear to be the problem, but it was only a factor in what I did, not the complete issue.we were not making out -I moved in and started to kiss her- and I was the one who pulled away… I don’t know if she didn’t want to make a move or if I was a little distant afterwards or what- it was definatly at the least a little akward.I had talked to the woman , as I was sitting with her and her friends, but to what extent and about what I cannot be sure as it was so long ago and I had been drinking.I didn’t feel particularly guilty afterwards, a little embarassed but the next week but that was it- so I don’t think there was anything then to go on that she was terribly bothered by it, but I still feel liek I can’t allow myself to drop itI feel like it has alot to do with the fact that I am almost scared of sex- when I took the chance I did that night I got carried away and didn’t think of the effects it might have on me. Right now I have seen a therapist and we have dealt with some of my issues with my repressed sexuality, but didn’t mention this because I got nervous
A: Seriously you need to get over this. I have seen this question a million times. If you were actually kissing her then this isn’t really that extreme. It happens all the time when people kiss in clubs and she didn’t push you off so I doubt she was bothered. Its not like you stuck your hand there and she wasn’t interested. Its probably not even in her mind and she might not even remember.Why do you feel this was about sex? I think you are making things a bigger deal than they are and are being to hard on yourself. Relax and move on
if u are in a realtionship with someone wholoves u but is too obsessive n u feel trapped is it right to end it
Q: i was with someone who i thought i loved n he loves me a lot. bt ive realised thats he too obsessive and sometimes it made me feel suffocated. i left him and now he hates me and says i have betrayed him. i just want to know if i have done the right thign because i nver meant to hurt him n before we were together we were friends for a long time but now he doesnt want to know
A: Yes you did the right thing. If you stayed together would you have married him. Then you would have a life time of feeling suffocated.That’s what dating is all about. Being with people that are compatible to you, if you’re not, move on.
How does a person become obsessive over everything?
Q: This meaning that person-* Thinks certain objects and people belong to only them.* Gets jealous or even mad/upset if someone talks to the people they think belong to them.* Protective over their things (Music, Journals, General Information)Where does this start and how could it come to an end?Thank you in advance.
A: I have a friend that we tease about having an obsessive personality. This side of her only comes out when she feels like she is losing control and she is frightened on some level. The three examples that you gave all seem to revolve around fear. Fear that objects or people will be damaged or lost without your constant vigilance, and jealousy also stems from fear and low self-esteem. The thing about fear is, it’s 99% in our heads and not real at all. So where does it start, with fear. Where does it end, when you face them. I would recommend going to a councilor, someone who is unbiased who will help guide you while you explore your fears and low self-esteem.
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