How do you get shy people to talk

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How do you get shy people to talk?
Well shy people tend to have to bond with that person and get used to them before opening up to another. Tyr spending time with that person, and talkin with them..Be nice friendly and dont come on to strong. Even shy people are usually quit…
Why do people get to try to talk to shy people??
I think you are looking too far into this.
Why do people get mad when a shy or reserved person dosent talk??
I know..I hate this. This usually comes from loud obnoxious people that expect everyone to act in the same foolish manner as themselves.

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How can I build my confidence just not to be shy to talk to people??
Q: English is my second language. I have a great deal of education in language and linguistics. The problem is when I get to talk orally to people I get very shy and confused that I mispronounce some words and mess words up and struggle to make a sentence especially in long conversations like talking to a hairdresser. I have no difficulties in pronounciation and usually I correct poeple speech inside myself. I don’t know how can I get over this shyness and confusion I really wanna talk clearly and in correct tone and stress. Is this something to do with my personality ?? Can I do something about it? Please give me serious ideas. I feel ashame that I lose the courage to talk in English as best as my knowledge in it. My English grammar is very good though, but when I speak I slow don. I hate myself when I speak…… help!
A: actually it seems that you do excellent in typing. what nationality are pretty sure that if you are of different ethnic background people will already know that you have to learn to speak english. and its pretty sexy when you do because people like to beable to communicate to others easily. from what i can see it doesnt sound like you would be difficult to understand at all. we appreciate the fact that someone would work so hard as you to beable to open up the lines of communication. so its not us you have to worry about judging you its you you have to worry about. you are being ay too hard on yourself. what i do is if i notice that i said something incorrect, id just make sure not to repeat it again. remember your mistakes and work hard to correct them. but dont let it go any further than that. and if you have a question on how to pronounce something im sure someone would be gracious to help. we like to have smooth communication so we want to help. so keep talking. dont be afraid. because the more you talk the more you learn and the better you get at it. keep up the great work and good luck.
Why would someone who goes out of their way to avoid people because they’re shy, talk too much around people?
Q: If someone is shy, and avoids people, isn’t it strange they would talk quite freely when put in a situation where they can’t avoid socializing, and once in that situation, they reveal more than they would like because they’re talking too fast and too much? Is this person really shy?
A: Yes, sometimes talking to get over nerves.
Why do people get to try to talk to shy people?
Q: Why do people try to talk to some shy people, but then leave other shy people alone. They only bother trying to talk to some shy people some but not all, they just leave the other ones alone. Why is that?
A: I think you are looking too far into this.
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