How do you keep your mind off food

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I find it’s just best to think about other things that interest you. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do you keep your mind off food?
It depends on what kind of fast you are doing, first of all. If you are just doing an all-liquid fast, keep some orange juice on you so that you can take a sip or two when you are feeling tempted. But if you are doing just water, I recommen…
How to keep my mind off FOOD!
I am trying to do the same thing as you and right now I am trying out the MUFA method I read about in Prevention magazine. Supposedly these foods target belly fat and you should incorporate one or two at every meal. These food includes: 1. …
Does Anybody Know Any Good Techniques To Keep Food And Snacking O…?
I know this can be hard but if you are hungry you do need to eat. Its all about portions and when you eat. You can snack but if you find you are doing it all the time you can maybe not have the snacks there so you are not tempted. Or the sn…

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what a good way to keep your mind off of food?
Q: I use my time on the computer to keep my mind off food because i eat when i get bored. Any tips, tricks?
A: Keep yourself busy:readwrite poetryplay games.
how do you keep your mind off food when on a restricted diet?
Q: I need to lose 2 stone but feel constantly hungry. I cant exercise anymore than I do already.
A: Not trying to spam or anything… Get the Flat belly diet book.. great book!!! I am never hungry! and IT WORKS!!
What are some ways to keep your mind off food?
Q: Well. This summer i want to make a change and i need some help with not having my mind on food. I get bored. And then i eat so what kind of activites or something other than sitting? I always tend to have a craving for something and i end up eating even tho i am not even hungry and its becoming a a huge problem. And i know that i am gaining weight and i don’t like to feel all slugsh. So can you help. Please no smart sarcastic sayins please i need help.
A: I can relate to your issue. It plagued me as a young person and still does if I’m not diligent.If you feel like snacking, drink a glass of water. If you are still hungry then have something small and low cal (maybe 1/2 of an apple).If you get bored, instead of heading for the kitchen take a walk outside…take up a new hobby or activity that’ll keep you busy. Start a daily exercise program for yourself where you do 30 mins to 1 hr (doesn’t have to be all at once) of some kind of exercise during the day…it can be anything from walking to jogging, bicycling, dancing, aerboics, tennis, kick ball, yoga, skateboarding, or whatever you are interested in that’ll get you moving.Good luck!
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