How do you know if you are sad

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Feeling sad means you don’t feel like laughing or smiling. You may feel like crying or not have any motivation to do anything. [ Source: ]
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How do you know you have SAD?
SAD or seasonal affective disorder has to do with lack of sunlight and your mood. If you are affected by SAD, you will notice that you feel blue or have the doldrums, problems getting motivated, getting out of bed. There are several ways to…
Sad, funny, good songs. Do you know any?
I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land Searching far and wide Teach Pokemon to understand The power that’s inside Pokemon! Gotta catch ’em all– It…
What’s your ringtone? I have ‘Oops I Did It Again’ … sad I know…?
I used to have ‘Im still Jenny from the Block’ as mine! Could be worst than yours!

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What do you think of my story have any comments or suggestions?
Q: Rescue the PrinceThere was once a boy named John and he had a sister named Paula. One day the two kids played hide and seek when suddenly Paula tried to hide in the cabinet and she saw many trees and a river in the cabinet. “John look at this” Paula said. “Let’s go in this place and explore” John said. They went inside the cabinet. While walking, they saw a chicken approach them and said “Please rescue Prince Arthur, he is imprisoned in the Underground Tunnel, he was kidnapped by a ferocious monster It is a creepy place There’s a monster guarding the place, this is a map of the kingdom” The map had the places like “The healing River” “The Brighton Castle” “The Giant’s city” “The Forest of Terror” and “The Underground Tunnel” The chicken told them that The healing River is where sick or injured people take a bath to get healed it is said that if you eat a fish from that river you will have powers like flying or transforming, The Brighton Castle is where the parents of Prince Arthur live, The Forest of Terror is a dark forest where the trees are talking and attacks people and is filled with quicksands and there are many traps. The Giant’s City is a city filled with Friendly giants. The underground Tunnel is where Prince Arthur is tortured and is a horrible place. The chicken told them that they will go to Brighton Castle to know how to rescue the prince by asking and they must go to the Forest of Terror and The Giant’s city to get the things needed for rescuing Prince Arthur and they then go rescue Prince Arthur. They went to Brighton Castle and they asked the King and Queen what to do to rescue the prince. “You must go to the Forest of Terror and dig for a small box where there’s a pink paper inside and it says there how to defeat the monster and rescue the prince, the things needed are in the forest and the giant’s city” The king explained. “Okay then we’ll do it” John and Paula said. They are in The Forest of Terror. “This place is creepy” Paula said. “Let’s dig” John said. “Damn, I can’t find the box” John said. “I’m sinking in a quicksand” Paula said. “Hey I think I hit a box” Paula said. “Grab it!” John said. Paula grabbed the box and John pulled her out. They opened the box and saw a pink paper and it was written: To Rescue the prince you must get a red soil in the forest and eat it, it will give you the ability to teleport a power that may help you in saving the prince, then get the golden key inside a tree’s stomach to unlock the door of the Underground Tunnel, go to the Giant’s city and they’ll give you something to kill the monster and tell you more about him And the Underground Tunnel. They continued walking and They saw the red soil and they were able to teleport. They continued walking and they were suddenly trapped. They teleported out of the trap and they teleported inside a tree’s stomach to another tree. “I Found the golden key” John said. A tree then saw them and ate them, they had wounds while being swallowed “How can we get out of the tree’s stomach?” Paula asked. “We’ll teleport out of the tree’s stomach and out of the creepy forest” John said. They teleported out of the forest. Then they took a bath in The healing River to get their wounds healed. “It’s amazing this river can heal sick people” Paula said. They ate 1 fish each and Paula has the ability to fly while John got the ability to have super strength he can lift a small house without difficulty. They went to the Giant’s City and saw many giants. “You must be the humans who will rescue the prince from a monster” a giant said. “Yes we are those humans” John and Paula said. “Well grab these swords” the giant said. they got the swords. “The Underground Tunnel is a dark place with many skeletons spiders rats and cockroaches, at the edge of the tunnel there is a cage where the Prince is imprisoned it is guarded by a monster named Peter, he is 10 foot tall, he spits fire, he can read people’s minds, and he can transform, to kill him you must stab him using those swords I gave you that were immersed in holy water in the heart” the giant told them. “Okay and we hope we can do these” John and Paula said. They made friends with the other giants, they talked for a while and then John and Paula went out of the city and walked. “Look that must be the Underground Tunnel” John said. They went in the tunnel “This place is dark” Paula said. “Creepy too, cause there are many skeletons and many crawling spiders” John said. “We can defeat the monster” Paula said. They kept walking and saw the monster. “I know you are here to kill me and free the Prince” the monster said. The monster then spit out fire that burned and killed the two children. The 2 children are burned and dead. When the King and Queen found out about that, they felt sad and hopeless. The prince had the power to resurrect the dead so he resurrected the two children. “Thank you for giving our lives back” John said. “Let’s kill the monster” Paula said. The
A: Bummer, the story ran out again. Check for grammar mistakes. There should be a comma after the first skeleton spiders, rats,I would also change they saw the red soil, and ate it, and they were able to teleport. Since you mentioned that they had to actually eat the soil to gain the gift of teleport, you should mention that they actually ate it. Send me a map to the healing river, I could use a place like that. Great job on your story. I am not sure the ages of the children and this story made it hard for me to imagine their ages. I guess they would be young. Any way I really liked this story up to the point it ran out.
How do you stop being sad?
Q: I want to be happy again, and i don’t know how. Can somebody tell me how to stop being so sad?
A: Smile (a regular smile, not a creepy or demented smile)Try it and you’ll really feel better. Just don’t let anyone see you or they’ll think you’re nuts.
How do I keep myself from being sad at the end of every break/sunday?
Q: It is really depressing knowing I have to go back to school. School isn’t that bad but still. I mean its barely half of Sping Break and I can’t enjoy anything because school is almost back.
A: Hey,My break already ended a week ago. How many times have you had summers or breaks that you thought would never end? And where are you now?!Your living in an awkward moment. You know what I do? Stuff! Make plans! And include these plans after school when it starts. Its no the end of the world.You know what stinks for me? Today my school club went halfway across America to compete in F-I-R-S-T. And I had to go to school because I wasn’t one of the people chosen to go. But I had a great day anyway. I didn’t stop trying to have the best normal day possible just because it could have been better. And I went along with my plans as normal, supporting my team as best I could from home.Just because school is back soon doesn’t mean a thing. In fact, I can’t wait to see my friends from club on Monday…they are probably like “nooo i don’t want to leave the competition!” At least I am spared of that!Try to relax and enjoy the break. And try to stay busy, so you don’t have time to feel sad.|echo
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