How do you know when someones bipolar

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Bipolar disorder can only be diagnosed by a doctor, who assesses symptoms, physical health & psychiatric & family history. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do you know someone is bipolar?
Imagine being so full of energy that you feel you might bounce off the walls. You’re so full of zillions of different thoughts that you think your head might split right open. You’re so full of different feelings buzzing around inside that …
What is Bipolar?
Bipolar is still better known as manic depressive behavior. In a bipolar condition, an individual experiences tremendous highs or manic periods of energy and emotions followed by deep lows or periods of depression. There is not a set time f…
How to Know If You’re Bipolar
Periods of mania, as well as periods of depression, affect a person’s sleeping pattern. During periods of mania, many bipolar people report being unable to sleep or feeling completely rested after only one or two hours of sleep. … Commo…

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Any suggestions for a title for a book about someones personal experiences with bipolar disorder?
A: Both SidesSwings and RoundaboutsHere, There, and Everywhere
how to tell if someones bipolar?
Q: cause my sis might be bipolar
A: She needs to see a doctor, don’t diagnose what you don’t know.
Why are people accused of being bipolar when it is really due to circumstances.?
Q: I know someone who first had their house robbed, then had to move into someones livingroom to be safe, then had their car vandelized, was then laid off cuz of cutbacks at work so then went into debt, now declring bakruptsy and getting evicted from a new appartment now because the job they have now is not as good as the old one. She has totally snapped, but who wouldn’t when no one can help.
A: because people don;t understand. yes there are people who are bipolar but people feel that by labeling them they are better than the other person (which is completely wrong) kudos to the person who has survived all that and still continues taking chances and trying new things. now if this person does believe he or she has some problem ,depression, or just needs to get thigns out then yeah go see a psycholgist, counselor, or someone but if a random person says you are bipolar not a professional then ignore them.
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