How do you not dream

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It may not be possible to not dream as it is a part of the sleep pattern. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it normal to not dream?
Well, sometimes I don’t dream at night, but most of the time I dream. And everyone I know has night dreams. (Although there is one person I know that doesn’t believe in dreams.) So, yes it’s not normal to not have night dreams. But it’s nor…
Is It Possible Not To Dream?
Tips To Recalling Your Dreams Remembering your dreams will require some effort on your part. But what your dreams can offer and reveal about yourself is well worth the effort. Here are some tips in helping your dream recall: 1. Before going…
How to be a dream catcher (not a dream squasher)?
Children are dreamers and dreamers can become achievers. The biggest difference between the child who grows up to see their dreams become reality and those who throw theirs to the wayside are the people around them, primarily their parents….

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How do I know that my life is real, and not just a dream?
Q: I just watched vanilla sky and it got me thinking quite a bit. What if I’m stuck in a dream? What if all the answers I get are from characters in my dream? How do I know what’s real and what isn’t real? If this is a dream, how do I take control of everything?Any thoughts?
A: If you wake up then its a dream =]Can you do anything super human? Cause if you can then its a dreamYou never know maybe this is a dream and you dying is you waking up to another life then you dying in the life is waking to another and it just goes on and on…You’ll never know i guess because you forget dreams when you wake up so when you wake up to the next life you’ll forget this one.And besides if this was a dream you wouldnt feel any physical pain you’ve ever felt. And if it was a dream everything would be perfect and go your way so im guessing that its not a dream…Good Luck with figuring it out, i hope you get yr answer one day
Do you have to learn how to drive to become a Paramedic?
Q: My life long dream is to become a Paramedic but I don’t want to drive, do have to be able to drive to become one?
A: Depends on where you work. The driving class is totally separate, but its usually a condition of employment meaning you need the class.Where I’m at we’re all required to have our driving class. Most places have the EMT as the driver and the paramedic as the one in the back or navigating. Driving is a HUGE part of the job as you will soon come to realize, and you have to have your EMT before you get your paramedic.
How would you say “On The Wings Of A Dream” in Latin?
Q: How would you say “On The Wings Of A Dream” in Latin?
A: It’s simply “alis somnii” That’s an ablative instrumentalis, expressing the means of doing something
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