How do you open up

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Well, first I have to trust someone. It is hard to open up without trust. It is nice to know the other person will open up too! [ Source: ]
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First….RELAX! It can be fixed. As a girl I can understand her feeling like you don’t open up to her but it isn’t just you…a lot of people are just kinda closed. It seems like you don’t what to tell her. Start random or general conversat…
*find the model number. then go to dell website The product manual explains how to open the case. good luck you will need it with a dell hope you are not going to add to it you will need a drill to start
1. your router could not forward it 2. your ISP could block the port 3. your firewall could block it you need to check all of them. you could try and host on port 81 just to see if it might be your provider.

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How do I get a window to open when I click on an e-mail to go to that site?
Q: when i check my e-mail a window doesn’t pop up to let you go to that website.
A: For Windows Vista users You can only use Firefox browser. for Yahoo as default email program, but you can still use Yahoo Messenger, in Internet Explorer.Microsoft Windows Update disable the Add-ons in Windows Vista.If you use Internet Explorer… The tiny program that allows you to select Yahoo! Mail as the default email application for your PC is included as part of Yahoo! Toolbar version 7.2 and up for Internet Explorer (not Firefox).If you don’t have Yahoo! Toolbar v.7.2 or later for Internet Explorer installed, you’ll need to download it before proceeding with these instructions.Here’s how to set your PC to open Yahoo! Mail when you click an email link on a web page. 1.From the “Start” pop-up menu in the lower left corner of your desktop, select “Settings” > “Control Panel”. 2.In the Control Panel, select “Internet Options”. This opens the “Internet Properties” window. 3.Click the “Programs” tab along the top. 4.Click the “E-mail” pull-down menu, and select Yahoo! Mail.5.Click OK. Done!If you’re using Firefox 3… 1.At the top of Firefox 3, click Tools and select Options.2.In the “Options” window, click Applications from the choices along the top.3.Scroll down to “mailto”, and click on it.4.In the pull-down menu to the right of “mailto”, click Use Yahoo! Mail.5.Click OK at the bottom of the Firefox 3 window. You’re done!
On MS Word 2007, how do you make it so that it automatically opens up with “no spacing”?
Q: Right now, everytime you open a new document it has the “Normal” paragraph style which means it leaves a space inbetween lines. That’s annoying to me. I always have to click on “no spacing” but I want to know how to make this your default setting? Thanks if you can help!
A: Do this:1.Click in an affected paragraph.2.Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.3.Click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Styles section. 4.The style for your paragraph should have a bold box around it. You may have to scroll down to find it.5.Hover the cursor over the style. A listbox arrow should appear. Click it.6.Select Modify from the list box.7.Click the Format button and select Paragraph.8.Make sure the value in the After combination box is zero (0).9.Click OK.10.If you want this to carry forward to other documents based on the template this one is based on, click the radio button for New Documents Based On This Template.11.OK out of everything.All paragraphs in the document with that style should adjust themselves. When you close your document, you may see a warning message asking if you want to save the changes to Normal.dotx. This is an anti-virus measure, intended to alert you that something has changed in Normal.dotx. In this case, you made the change, so you want to accept it.That should do it.
How do I get my P/A husband to open up?
Q: First things first, my husband has a passive aggressive disorder – it’s not his fault and he doesn’t even realize it. It’s very difficult to be around him sometimes because of this. My husband is a WONDERFUL person and I love him SO much, yet, his controlling untrusting tendencies get in the way of a friendship. I consider him my best friend, however, lately it has been horrible, and I can’t even confide in him. We are currently seperated and he is living over a half an hour away. I hate how he always leaves when things start getting sour between us. Instead of facing them head on, he runs away. So, I need to know how to deal with the situation as well as how to assure my husband to trust me with his deepest feelings without being pushy. And letting him know that I am not one to judge him and I am his wife, not his enemy.Thanks in advance answerers!P.S. Informing a Passive Aggressive with saying “You’re passive aggressive” is OUT OF THE QUESTION! I will not tell my husband he has this – for that will make him feel weak and bring up his emotional walls even more. If you know how a passive aggressive man is, you’d totally understand.A passive aggressive does what they can to have control – me getting down on my knees, begging will only give him that control – they do things that they KNOW will hurt the other and they know what buttons to push on others – I need a mutual mature uncontrolling undefeating way to get him to open up to me.
A: Perhaps by continuing to confide in him here and there. When he does crack the door, just listen without any comment but a smile. Or a compliment. Little by little. Maybe see if he wants to sit and play some of those computer tests for personality, love, etc. They are fun and may get him talking a little. Maybe something he can relate to – something more about him.
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