How do you prevent or control panic attacks

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Attack can be stopped if you drink a cup of hot tea/cold water,shut your eyes,lay down,run,sing,whistle,think of something funny. [ Source: ]
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It happens anywhere, anytime, catching you off guard and leaving you filled with high levels of unexplainable fears. This sinking feeling makes you think that something tragic is about to happen or is already happening, although it is only …
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Some people have anxiety attacks every day, and often times they’re life becomes miserable and unbearable. Stopping panic attacks can’t happen overnight, it’s a learning curve that takes time and efforts. Remember that you need to overcome …

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Stop / prevent / control / relieve a panic / anxiety attack?
Q: I keep having anxiety attacks and I don’t know what to do about it. I went to the doctor and have a follow-up appointment in a week. But in the mean time, I need something to stop them. Or prevent them. Or control them. Or relieve them. Whatever.
A: Negative emotions (like sadness, stress, anger, etc.) causes your Serotonin production to be low; when your Serotonin level is low, you are more prone to getting Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, etc.Medication like Antidepressants (SSRI – Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) helps to boost Serotonin level.But there are natural ways to do it without medication. There’s this herb called “St John’s Wort” – it is said to be more effective than Prozac. No, it is not for mild depression only and ignore those sayings. In fact, it does help anxiety and panic-attacks as St John’s Wort works like prozac. Other natural ways will be exercise, diet, more exposure to light, etc.If you’re unable to take St John’s Wort, you can substitute it with Siberian Ginseng or Licorice Herb.The problem is that, even if your Serotonin is balanced… you have that “learned behavior” in your mind. You need to break that initial cycle to destroy that learned behavior – Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) does this. A technique that you can use without CBT will be Distraction… There are several other techniques to help cope them!Ok, to use Distraction: Firstly, try to….Extracted from Source.
how do you prevent panic attacks?
Q: i constantly freak out and just break down and start crying. i really need to learn how to control them and just calm down. does anyone have any ideas of how to do so?
A: There are 2 programs out there that are famous for treating Panic Attacks and Anxiety successfully.They are: Panic Away and The Linden Method.You may wonder, “Which one is better?” Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with that question.The Panic Away program is more appropriate for people who can cope with their Panic Attacks or Anxiety well.Linden Method is more for those who aren’t really good in coping their Panic Attacks or Anxiety well.Check out the reference for the full comparison.
Controlling panic attacks?
Q: From the beginning of last year I’ve started to have panic attacks, they came out of nowhere. I’m pretty scared during them, trouble breathing, fast heart rate, numbness, shaking during and after. They’re usually triggered by stress and anxiety, I just need some advice on how to control them, or even prevent them before they get beyond easy control. Thank you.
A: I’ve lived with panic attacks for over 11 years and definately know what you are going through. You can learn to ward them off before they get too serious. Please see my link. And I wish you the best of luck.
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