How do you start a fight

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The easiest way to start a fight is to go for a person’s weaknesses. Say something you know will upset them. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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if you really want to fight this girl just start talking crap about her and tell ur friends to tell that girl that ur talking crap and then when that girl comes up to you and says why u talking sh*t i will f*ck u up and then u say i wasnt b…
Do what I do bump into the kid and then blurt out a man why did you bump into me and make a big scene like he bumped into you first. But that was the old me the new me will tell you that violence isn’t the answer. Even though i’ll still sma…
Combat has improved in Fable 2 with Lionhead adding a sense of drama to each fight. To this end, the game incorporates effects such as fog, lighting, music, force feedback and quick cuts to epic blows that finish an opponent. Improved A.I. …

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Easiest way to start fight in NHL 2k9 on PS2?
Q: I can never get a fight haven’t played to many games but still is their a button you can press to start fight is there somewhere settings to make fighting happen more often?select at anytime?i mean select anytime after a hit?lol red wings fan1776 but for real?
A: Ok it’s easy here’s what you do.1. You call your little brother over (or someone in the house you can’t stand)2. You set the controller down.3. Punch whoever you called over in the face.4. Hope they fight back.That is how you start a fight. Hope I helped.
If you are at a resturant and someone starts arguing with you and then start fighting you and you fight them?
Q: back and you have a concealed weapons license and you have the weapon on you but you never draw it. You fight them back and win. How much trouble can you get into? They started the arguement/ fight. And what if they go to grab your gun what do you do then, and how much trouble can you get into?
A: This will sound like a smart arse remark but it would not get to the “fight” stage as I would walk away at the argument stage. You are in a public place not a wrestling ring.If you have a permit and you are in a state that ALLOWS concelaed weapons permits you have every right to carry the waepon. But using it might be another whole story depending on the circumstances.Is this a real life scenario, and if it is your case then you need an Atty pronto.Good Luck
what are the tricks you used to start talking with your friend,whom with you recently fight?
Q: i need help??i had fight with best friend.its because of me.i was start fighting.because according to me i am right on that time.but after fight i realized may not totally she is not talk with me.said i leave you for forever.but i need to do now?????..she is not ready to listen my single word.
A: if you really really really want him or her back you should email him or her .his or her email might be open you should check that.but only if you really really want him or her back.
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