How do you stay motivated about something

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Steps to happiness: Connect to others, Be physically active, Be curious, Learn a skill, Give to others. Chacha [ Source: ]
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How do you stay positive and motivated when something like this t…?
Well, I heard this really great thing from my manager Carrie. She told me the best thing about life—it’s not about the destination. There is a journey on that destination as well. So it’s a lot about the journey as well. I found that the jo…
How did you stay motivated lose your weight? Is this something yo…?
That’s a great question! During the years that I was morbidly obese, I went on dozens of diets. Each time I started out, I was totally motivated to succeed this time. However, like most people, I found the diets themselves overwhelming beca…
What is the offer for less motivated students to stay and do some…?
Students have been consulted and will be further consulted on what they want to see on offer. Some of the activities currently being explored are boxing, cadet force, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, hairdressing

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How do I stay motivated when learning something technical.?
Q: I recently took up trying to learn the Java programming language, but am having extraordinary difficulty staying motivated and Focused on this. I frequently get tired, or distracted, then stop.What should I be doing in order to stay focused & motivated on this, and any other hightly technical task?
A: I’m a retired software engineer. When I was learning a new languages, I was spurred on by the thought of getting more money. What you want to do is think of the money you’ll earn when you become expert. Good luck.
How to stay motivated about studying hard to achieve good grades?
Q: My study habits (and grades!) follow this negative cycle. At beginning of a semester I study really hard, being energized from summer break, and I make mostly A’s. After 2 weeks, I’m tired from the long nights of over-concentrated studying, added with a new confidence in myself from the good grades, so I slack off and cram a lot instead–making mostly B’s. I keep doing that until I make a C, or end up with some nastly failing grade on a test. (I have made a 97 on a test once only to make a 53 on the next one weeks later.)Then, it’s like a wake-up call and I strive to make A’s again. I really need to act differently this upcoming school year. So I’m looking for ways on how I might motivate myself, EVERYDAY, to study like I just failed a test–without the experience. Is there some daily ritual I need to go through or something I could do?Please help!!
A: Please read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Book. Not only will you be motivated to study, but you’ll know why you’re motivated.Here’s a rundown:1. Be Proactive: recognize that you slack off after a good test, plan for it, write a detailed note of what happens when you slack off (you fail the next test, you lose sleep cramming). Then commit yourself to not procrastinating (tell a friend to keep you on your toes, or just make a promise to yourself–sometimes just an oath keeps us in line)2. Begin with the End in Mind: See that A. Feel it. Now, work backwards on how you get there. (Set up regular study times, work with someone if you have to, make the goal smaller so that it’s less daunting)3. Put First things First: Is your study time important? More important than fun with friends? More important than family time? More important than eating? (probably not, but you get the point. If you put a list of priorities next to your desk, or on your person, you’ll be stronger on your conviction to study. Plus, you’ll get more respect from those that you have to put aside for studying; conversely, if you feel studying can be skipped just this once, you won’t feel guilty……. you’ll know in your heart you need the break, but you’re still on track.)That’s the 1st three Habits and I bet even those 3 will improve your outlook.Here’s another tip: remember that High from getting a good grade? every time you’re going to let your studies slide……. remember that feeling and how much you want to feel it again. Let yourself know that you only get that feeling with hard work…. and then get to work!
What is the best way to stay motivated about diet and exercise?
Q: Help, I’m in a rut, and I need to get my enthusiasm back. Any suggestions would be great!!!!
A: I bought a two piece swim suit and its hanging on the door of my room. I can’t possibly enter or leave the room without seeing it. Its a friendly little reminder. I’ve also seen people put scales in their kitchen, but thats a little extreme…
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