How do you stay positive

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To stay positive, think about the things that you are grateful for, look for silver linings, and try to take a break, sometimes! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 First of all sit back and think of the situation at hand, consider who is the person or people that… ・ 2 Now consider what are the options or choices are available regarding the issue, if there are more than… ・ 3 Now focus on the be…
Positive thinkers admit when they feel frustrated or depressed. They don’t ignore it. But they also don’t blame themselves. Instead, they try to understand the negative thoughts and feelings and counter them with more positive ones. So ho…
It’s good that you’re keeping a positive attitude. Don’t let everyone else’s negativity get into your head. I fight to keep myself free of thoughts like that a lot. What’s worked best for me is when my day is going badly, I just try to ment…

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How do you stay positive in touch times?
Q: I have been trying really hard to stay positive and apply the law of vibration and attraction but have been failing. Can anyone share any tips on staying positive when your reality isn’t?
A: It is hard in these times. I try to not watch so much news as it is really depressing and stay focused on what I want and keep having faith that it will happen.It is a matter of catching yourself when you are feeling bad and taking active steps to change the thoughts that are causing you to feel bad.
How do you stay positive in a negative surrounding?
Q: When all people want to do is treat you like crap and mess you up, how do you stay positive?Any philosophical answers?
A: I believe the best way to be positive when everyone else is being negative is to change your thinking. Don’t base your level of joy or happiness or self-worth on what other people think about you. Accept that there will always be someone who does not like you and accept that it’s okay. They don’t have to like you because God loves you and that is really what matters. At the end of the day, it’s still your life and no one else can live it for you. No one can neither make nor break it. But, if you give people that power by letting their actions lead you, then you will not be able to do what you need to do to remain positive. If you can somehow change your surroundings, do so. If not, learn to have peace in the situation and realize that you will never have to answer for their crappy actions. Make sure that you are blameless in what you do and how you treat people. I would pray and talk with God about it because He wants to help you with this. You just have to ask Him 🙂
How do you start believing positive and stay that way ?
Q: I try really hard .. I mean I try visualizing positive but I always have that feeling that it may not happen .Like – I always wanted to and still want to study in Stanford . But , somewhere in the corner the thought that it may never come true always keeps on pricking me , How can I stay positive and make sure that the negative thoughts don’t conquer me ?
A: You’ve already started. You’ve IDENTIFIED a main goal. Now, set small attainable goals that will lead you to your ultimate goal (Stanford). In your case it could be small academic goals. When you accomplish your many small goals, this will encourage you & build confidence, all the while stepping you ever closer to the doorstep of Stanford! I wish you the best.
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