How do you stop being nervous

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Listen to some music or a relaxation CD. This will help distract you from being nervous. Thanks for texting! [ Source: ]
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well if it is for an oral or somthing just practise it over and over again and maybe do it infront of like 1 person and then 10 and 20 and see how you feel after that but other then that i dont know
・ 1 The first thing you must do is go to an area that is quiet, where you can do some thinking. ・ 2 Analyze what you are nervous about. Think about what you can do about a certain situation to not be… ・ 3 If you are nervous about a task t…
Few points:・ (1) First of all have sound knowledge for the presentation topic. ・ (2) Dont be scared in front of people and assume that your best well wisher are sit in front of u or … ・ (3) Try to make ur mind relax n calm before the time…

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How do I stop being nervous around people?
Q: I sometimes feel so tense and nervous around new people, or people I barely know, I don’t know what to do. I may say something stupid or talk too much, and say all the wrong things, and not be myself at all. The only ones I act normal with are my oldest dearest friends.When I’m alone, I blame myself for all my supposed mistakes. How can I change this pattern? How can I stop being nervous and tense? I wasn’t always like this. My work is very stressful and demanding and barely have any time for myself. Just two months ago someone I loved just disappeared from my life. I think these things affect my self esteem and make me nervous as well, but I don’t know how to change things. Can you help?
A: I think you are trying to hide something from the others and you are afraid that they might see it. They are new people as you said and you don’t know yet how they think or what may think about you.Obviously it was a very bad thing that person disappeared without giving you any explanation. He might be a very good person but what did to you was very bad. This proves that this person at the end didn’t treat you well . Also i think that you haven’t not yet admitted to yourself how much this thing hearted you and what a big f** as** he was at the end. Don’t try to find any mistakes that you did or what went wrong as this does not gonna bring him back and because honestly after what he did he does not deserve it. He owned you to give some explanation. We can not always understand how people around us think. As long he didn’t tell you anything about, it wasn’t your fault. This person wright or wrong did not respect you. Admit it to yourself and move on.
How do I stop being nervous around my girlfriend’s friends?
Q: I feel really nervous when I’m around my girlfriend and her friends at the same times. I don’t want to hold her hand because I feel like I will embarrass her. When I’m around her and a friend that we both share, I have no problem. I am bad at making new friends and am not very social. Usually the way I make new friends is through existing friends. That’s how I met my gf. How can I stop being nervous around her friends?
A: Sometimes you just gotta go “all in” even if it is “cold turkey”.So just do it, don’t be shy. You shouldn’t be scared to hold your girlfriends hand in public. If her parents know you two are going out, that shows that you are serious, that you can show it in public, especially in front of them.Just be glad your girl friend’s parents like you 😉 There’s many parent’s that don’t care for their kids “other half” lol.On the other hand, if you don’t show your affection around her family, they may not think you are as serious, as she may tell her parents you are….know what I mean? If you want them to “believe” you two are “meant to be” or “dating” at least, you gotta show it.And no, I don’t mean playing touchy feeling on the family room sofa in front of them either lol- keep that for the bedroom 🙂 That would get you some bad attention too lol.
How do I stop being nervous about starting school?
Q: I’ll be in grade 8 this September and I am actually excited and counting down the days until school starts. But the problem is that I always get nervous on the first day of school. I don’t know why because I have so many friends and it’s a familiar place. My stomach tends to ache and I feel nauseous. How can I stop being nervous about it?
A: its totally natural to be nervousthe first day of school is full of new and unexpected thingsso it’s ok to feel nervousif you want to help your nerves, try talking to your self like a wise adult wouldjust say things like”dont worry about your first day…things will be fine…all your friends will be there…you can’t get in any trouble on the first day, it’s impossible….”just stuff like that. i do that all the timegood luck! im pretty excited/nervous for the first day too =]
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